Travelling Thursday Throwdown   July 25, 2013 at 11:54pm

From Estabrook to Dretzka

Week #2 was Estabrook one more time.

Thanks go out to Greg Klein for moving some baskets to change things up, but it seemed to have a negative impact on the scoring for the night.Hard to believe considering last week it was 85 and muggy and this week was maybe 75 with lower humidity.

The Recap:
In Open we had our second 1 player field with Scott Slauson showing up this week. Casey Connors and Scott are in a heated battle for the overall title right now with 1 point a piece. Maybe we will see them out there at future nights to settle the score against each other. Scott did have the hot round on the night (-6) to take the win.

In Intermediate we had 5 players tonight thanks to 2 new players Christopher Jante (-5) and Matt Atherton (-4). . . who happened to finish 1st and 2nd respectively. Both have played in other TDGE leagues and they are both good players so it does not surprise me that they came in and took down the top two spots tonight. I hope to see you guys at some of the future weeks too. Greg Klein (Estabrook Course Superintendent) had a second consecutive (-2) to show he knows the course and take the last of the funny money. I had a rough night but after 2 weeks that puts Me, Greg Klein, and Christopher into a 3 way tie in Intermediate overall. I love competition so I hope to continue to see everyone come out . . . and I hope we can increase the attendance by 1-2 people per division so that we have a slightly bigger field.

In Recreational we had 2 people this week and the night was settled by just one throw. Dan Bertyzk (-1) topped Shaun Kirchner (E) by just one throw but it was an exciting battle to watch as the lead went back and forth 4 or 5 times during the round.

The Ace Pool is up to $16 as we head into Dretzka . . . depending on the setup we could see the ace pool rise over the next two weeks also making those first 5 holes at Root River very enticing for some ace runs!

I hope to see you all there at Dretzka next week. I am going to put up a poll on the event page about start time as we might be stretching it a little bit to start at 6:30 the next two weeks. I am ok with whatever people feel will work, so if you can make Dretzka by 6:00 with no problem I have no problem shifting the start time back to my standard 6:00.