Mike Spagnuolo  › Capital City Renegades   July 20 at 10:08pm

Going to work on the new holes at Fitz Wednesday 7/24 at 10 or 1030 with Matt Dimick if anyone wants to join. We will be in the back 9 area .

Davis _   July 22 at 12:59am

I get outta work around noon. Will you still be out there?

Mike Spagnuolo   July 22 at 8:13am

for sure

Davis _   July 22 at 9:30am

need me to bring anything?

Harold Fernando   July 22 at 9:37am

I might be able to make it out there. Wanna pick me up?

Mike Spagnuolo   July 22 at 12:20pm

gloves, rake, snipps, loppers . ive got most of the stuff we need. ill come get u harold.

Mike Spagnuolo   July 22 at 12:23pm

fits lets us use their tools too butni dont know ifbtheybwill be open.