dustin hays  › Fitzgerald Park   July 4 at 9:15pm

I hear you need a map or a local to get around this course. Is this true?

Matt Rinker   July 4 at 10:28pm

yes as of now. there are maps in the box on the message board.

dustin hays   July 5 at 4:20am

cool thanks

Harold Fernando   July 5 at 9:42am

map is really need a local

Matt Rinker   July 5 at 2:48pm

map is not inaccurate, Harold. It was just remade last year, after the latest reconfiguration. But, because there are no tee signs yet, yes a local would help.

Jon Bradley   July 7 at 11:41am

matt are they still gonna reconfigure the course and add cement tee pads??

Matt Rinker   July 7 at 9:47pm

Yes. We've finalized a layout, now we just need to have the park approve it, then the work will begin. Pads may not happen til next year or the year after. But as long as the park stays on board, pads will happen.

Jon Bradley   July 14 at 11:00am