2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   April 18, 2013 at 7:41am

Week #1

A perfect night at Jamesville Beach lured 39 golfers out on the first night of league. This number topped our biggest night last year, which was 38. A lot of new faces that hopefully we'll see more often. Thanks to Audra Zentner, Don Himes, Dean Needle, Dylan Reese and John O'Malley for coming out for their first time. Elias McQuaid made out a couple times last year, but it was good to see him back as well. Sorry he got teamed up with Barret. 3 of the new people got some cash, which is always a good thing.

We had a 2 way tie for first with Crowley/K.Bau and K.C./Audra shooting 46's. Crowley and Bauer took the top spot on a CTP shootout on #1. Crowley and tall brother Bauer also took the CTPs for 39$/each. The top spots were:
Crowley/Bauer - 46 - 58$
KC/Audra - 46 - 38$
AJ/Chris "Biebs" Sweet - 47 - 32$
Dylan R./Newman - 48 - 22$
Peters/Dean N. - 48 - 22$
Salisbury/Carney - 49 - 8$
Meitus/G-man - 49 - 8$
Good Twin/Laufer - 8$

A Pool on hole #10 - Crowley - 10$
B Pool on hole #1 - Mikey C. - 19$
C Pool on hole #11 - K. Bau - 10$

Ace pool is up to 59$.

Thanks all for coming out. Same place, same time next week. Also thanks to everyone for getting there a little makes my life much easier!