January 4, 2013 at 2:39pm

The first league of the year

First off a big thanks to Luna Disc who showed up and donated a CTP for our humble league! Not only did he bestow us with gifts and merriment, he also donated a ctp sign, which I sorely needed! Thanks a bunch Luna!!

I just happened to bring some free delicious Costco Pizza for the guys and we had the second biggest turn out for Flip Side to date! 11 people and Some legends for sure! It was a great time and I didnt get too drunk or pout too bad for losing discs and missing 15 footers as usual. Thanks for coming out and enduring the (feels like) 15 degrees with the wind chill. Even if it was only for the extra points lol.

Thanks to Skip who stepped up as cali when no one wanted it! Shooting a -12 and smoking me and Chilli.

The hot round went to critter and Ron Howard @ -17! Nice job guys!

Remember leagues will be pushed back to 230 now and that means we start at 230. Because of the sunlight situation we may be forced to play 18 holes here soon. More on that at leagues.