Eastside Ace Run League   November 6, 2012 at 11:00pm

Playoff round results

Thank you to everybody that participated in this years league. It was a blast and cant wait for next year. Joe Wallo had the most WINS, Nick Cooke had the most ACES, and a special congrats to JAY BINIENDA TAKING FIRST PLACE IN THIS YEARS LEAGUE!!!

Playoff results:

1st place---- Derek Stockford and Joe Wallo (-19) $370

2nd place----Ken Mango and Kurt Maty (-18) $185

3rd place----Jay Binienda and Jeff Griffiths (-15) $93

4th place----Ed Carpus and Nick Cooke (-13) $93

$20 ctp Hole #3-15----Ken Mango

$20 ctp Hole #12-24----Ed Carpus

$60 Ace Pool Throwoff----Joe Wallo