The Willamette Valley Bag Tag Challenge 2011   October 13, 2011 at 3:30am

Bag Tag Challenge: Devils and Angels

Hey Ya'll. Check it:

(or is a colon after "check it" nerdy?)

Anyway, time for another bag tag challenge. We're going to do it this coming week. I'm excited about this one! Gonna be a little SAFARI round at Willamette! Let's hope for rain. (fewer people in the park = big, nasty safari holes!) I'll get you guys the layout soon. Meanwhile, let's bet busy and pick a date. I sent you all a Doodle Poll (it's not a Diddle Pole, Banner) Vote 'em up!

Up for grabs in this challenge:

1)An Orange, Pre-Release Prototype, Iridescent Rainbow Stamped, Australian Open Tee Devil for the lowest tag after the challenge.
2)A random draw tag for the Hot German Babe Holding Beer on Tray while Fanning Fart Out of Skirt, ROC.
3)A (to be announced) CTP for a great big delicious beer and a mini.

Here are the Devil and the Angel:

Let's do it! Oh YEAH, and did I mention?: I HAVE THE #1 TAG!!!