The Willamette Valley Bag Tag Challenge 2011   October 8, 2011 at 12:41am

Bag Tag Challenge: The Legacy of a Rampage.

That was awesome! Wow, we all picked a great evening, got a break from the rain and everything. It was beautiful! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Well, Firstly, John Bain shot a respectable 48 and walked off with the Legacy Rampage.

Andrew Downey parked one next to Hole 16 for the CTP and took home a delicious Galactic IPA as well as a Mini Driver.

Nick Marshall sandbagged his way to keeping his old tag, #38, which just happened to be the random draw tag for the Mercury ROC. Hmmmmm...and he's a math whiz...suspicious!

Doc Bryce took home a Calapooia mini for the burden of shouldering the #43 tag.

All in all, GREAT SUCCESS! Good times...