The Willamette Valley Bag Tag Challenge 2011   September 21, 2011 at 2:24pm

The Angry Mob: Bag Tag Challenge 9/21/11 5:30pm tee at Willamette

Hey Guys,

Sorry, I've been slackin lately on the bag tag league. Time to fire up some challenges! Tonight should be a fun one. Nate Sexton has kindly agreed to be MOBBED! Dogpile on Nate!

Here's the deal: 1. Meet at Willamette between 5:15 and 5:30 tonight. Bring all your $1 bills and change.
2. Bring me your bag tag and we'll calculate your available handicap points.
Simple math will get you points based on your incoming number. Ex: if you have #33, you will have 9
available handicap points. Here's the catch: They will each cost you a dollar!
3. We play a regular stroke play round, and you subtract the number of handicap points you purchased from your
final score.
4. The tags will be passed out by adjusted score. (I know, this is going to shake things up!)
5. Whoever gets the #1 tag will get a nice wad of the handicap cash and some sexy plastic
6. We'll donate a percentage of the handicap cash to the Mike Storrs tractor fund.

Come on out and bring those high tag numbers! Anyone could take the whole shebang!

Don't worry about losing your precious low tag number. I'm not doing any kind of payout for a couple months. I've worked my way down from the 30s and 40s several times now. It's really fun!

See you all out at Willamette tonight, 530 Tee time. Come a little early if you can, so we can sort out the handicaps, etc. It's getting dark pretty early now, so we really need to be ready to go by 530.