Michigan Intercollegiate Disc Golf Challenge Series 2010-2011   April 20, 2011 at 8:04pm

Match Play Bracket for Finals (theoretical)

Assuming all top points winners in both the club and intercollegiate divisions attend the finals, here is what the brackets would look like:

1st & 2nd round foursomes (after the 1st 12 hole match winners play each other and losers play each other, with all 1st round and 2nd round match winners, getting $10 per win)

Leonard Johnson v. Jeff Coates
Craig Clingan v. Scott Wilson

CARD #2 (top college players)
Brennan Billow (FSU) v. Mike Fox (ND)
Garrett Brady (SVSU) v. Randy Gallagher (WMU)
NOTE: Should any of the above schools not be represented, the #4 seed in this bracket would go to Andrew Przytulski from LTU.

John Norkowski v. John Loose
Wade Sullivan v. Mark Roberts

John Bentling v. Jimmy Wiklanski
Alex Nimtz v. Pat Hawks

After lunch (following the first two rounds) the final four will continue in the bracket
CARD #1 winner v. CARD #2 winner
CARD #3 winner v CARD #4 winner

PAYOUT NOTE: 3rd round win = $30 more (winner of the losers match wins $10 more), Finals win = $50 more (for $100 total!)
and the rest of the field will play doubles, with added cash resulting in the following payouts: 1st $100, 2nd $80, 3rd $60, 4th $40, 5th $20. Also available to all players throughout the day will be three, $20, cash CTP's (all covered with the $20 or $30 entry fee - 20 for series pts earners, 30 for all others).

NOTE: Any of the college players (beyond the four representing the top 4 colleges whose fees are paid) who would want to buy in to the match play tourney ($20 each, $250 added cash) would have that prerogative and be seeded based on their points earned for the season. (So, for instance, if Kyle Jansen--currently #2 in the points race--opted to buy-in, he would be the #2 seeded player in the draw...). If he chose not to buy-in, he would be randomly assigned a regular match-play singles match against another college player (no fee).

Also, should there not be 4 college players, and 12 points earners opting to play in the bracket of 16, available spots will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Those players opting to buy-in to the bracket would pay an entry fee of $30...