Leverich Park Summer League   September 29, 2010 at 1:49am

Preliminary Final Standings

After two rounds of random draw doubles and throwing out the worst score these are the standings. First tiebreaker strokes, second tiebreaker final season standings.

1st. Chris Graham 100

2nd. Ryan Elston 100

3rd. Nate Clark 100

4th. DMZ 99

5th. Jeff Elliot 99

6th. Stephen Sines 99

7th. Jason Back 99

8th. Anthony Chivers 98

9th. Jeremy Beckwith 98

10th. Andy Zinda 98

11th. Jason Sauermilch 98

12th. Bill Robbins 98

13th. Jim Goss 98

14th. Keesha Williams 97

15th. Steve Ellsworth 96

Pairings will be determined by seating and who shows up to play. If we have an odd number of players we will have a ctp to determine the Cali player.