Bag Tag Challenge 2k10   July 13, 2010 at 3:21pm

Finals Next month!

For those of you that are not aware ABDG tags have an expiration date, I originally started this league with a time frame of 6 months & 100 tags. We ended up issuing 100 tags by the 4 month mark, so the next set of tags are going to be 1 year & 200 tags with a tournament in between.

Just about a month to go before our BagTag finals on 8/18/2k10. This is on a Wednesday, so please make arrangements to have the day free.
This will be a tournament style finals with 2 rounds at Dabney Park.

Here are a few things that ABDG members should know.

1. Finals will be 2 rounds, 1st round - ALL TAGS that show up are in.
2. 2nd round is the play offs for the highest & lowest 25 tags.
3. Finals will be $5 entry fee.
4. There will be trophies, a couple CTP's & prizes.
5. Raffle on day of event, tickets available up until the day of tournament.
6. Lowest 10 tags at end will be issued the new BagTags.
7. Current 2k10 tags will not be valid after the finals, I will collect them as I see them.
8. New tags will be available for purchase on day of finals for $5, new tags are much nicer then old ones.
9. Side pot optional for highest 25 tags - 2nd round

We will be having a club meeting next Wednesday (7/21/2k10) do discuss upcoming Finals.

- Club stickers have been ordered.
- Shirts are in process.
- I Hope to have hats by finals.
- Custom embroidery available.
- Golden retrievers also available.

Any questions? Call me at 503 662 ACER
Thanks -Acerbinky-