Leverich Park Summer League   June 24, 2010 at 1:19am

Week 8

Week 8 brought out the most players yet for Wednesday Leverich Summer Doubles at 38. Thank you all for joining us. We had a gorgeous evening and the park was crowded. As it was the week before the BMO we decided to play the BMO layout plus 5 extra holes to make it 18. Kent Smoothers and Jim Goss lit it up with a 13 down and Nate Clark had his second Ace of the season on hole 9 with a skip in forehand with his Boss and cashed in 39$, 1$ of which he rolled back into next weeks pot.

I need someone who has a printer and wants to make up some signs to please help us out. We need to post some signs around Leverich informing the general population that Wednesdays is league night and as such will be crowded. If it also had the start times cost and other info it might bring in more players, which is always a good thing.

Sadly I left my 161 CE eagle sitting on hole 1 and it has not been returned yet. If anyone sees or hears of it please let me know.


David "DMZ"