Ypsi Dubs Winter League   January 21, 2010 at 7:27pm

DGLO Support Pilgrimage, Sun. Jan 31, 2010

Brothers and Sisters I beseech you all to embark on this pilgrimage together. The time has come and you are being called upon to server a greater good. We can band together and make a difference, TOGETHER. Lets have fun and help lay the foundation for the resurrection of DGLO. I know for sure that the party will be bigger and better, IF WE ARE ALL TOGETHER. (Math: 101 & Psych: 405)

I know not all of us may be able to make this journey. Let me know if you plan to stay behind to continue Sunday worship in our absence.

This means that there are only 5 more Ypsi Dubs league events remain before the Ann Arbor Cooperative Point Series Final Event, Saturday, March 6th.

But fear not, for Ypsi Dubs Winter will continue into March. We may terminate before the posted March 28th depending on when the new Summer leagues are scheduled to begin. I will post more on this shortly so we can plan for our final Ypsi Dubs Winter league round and the celebration of Spring and the new beginning, of a new league season. We will determine when we make the transition from Sunday to Tuesday – based on the heavenly illumination that grants us extended worship hours. Man - does that mean there is Sun and Warm days on the way. Make sure you enjoy the snow while we have it ;-) Before long we will be sweating in the heat, trying to punch through the leave filled branches, searching through the poison ivy for our discs and playing round after round into the night, with natural light – Oh what a life. How blessed we are.

Peace be with you all.