G Stern  › Lunchtime League 2010   July 25, 2010 at 10:27pm

Week 7 was another outstanding week of Lunchtime League. Ten players arrived via the DiscVanGo bus! We had another banner turnout of 77 players. No one hit an ace, so the ace pot for Week 8 will start with $58.00 in it, plus a bounty: $25.00 gift card from Next Adventure! Also, we have a CTP prize donation from Tyler Sherman (handmade Kompact Kite!)

Jason Lewis had a fantastic round of 37, which when paired with his starting division of Novice gave him the outright win (32.20 adjusted, $49.00, 77 pts.) by a 2-adjusted-shot margin! However, in an excellent show of sportsmanship, he moved himself up to Intermediate promptly following the awards. This slid him to 3rd place (35.40 adjusted, $22.00, 75 pts.), still a very solid finish for a player who self-reportedly had never played Lunchtime, had not played in tournaments, and typically shoots over par at Dabney and Timber. As always, he is not compelled to return the extra prize money, but he may elect to do so if he wishes. You will see the posted results have been adjusted, and 2 players have money coming:

David Babuka moves from 2nd to 1st (34.20 adjusted, $49.00, 77 pts.), and collects an additional $19.00 (on top of the $30.00 2nd place money he was not there to collect)!

Ali Zuhairy moves from 3rd to 2nd (34.40 adjusted, $30.00, 76 pts.), and collects an additional $8.00!

There were continued challenges with regards to initial divisions, and players with the same first name and last initial. To that end, we will implement a policy of recording the first TWO Letters of each player's last name on the starting board and score cards. Additionally, here is a restatement of the starting division policy, which is not a perfect system, but we are always trying to keep it as fair as possible:

"Starting division is the most-skilled division in which you have ever played any disc golf tournament, no matter how small.

If you have never played any tournament, select from NOV, INT, ADV, PRO based on your average scores at Lunchtime (adjust + 4 shots for short to long tee pads):

well over par = NOV (-4.8 shots)
slightly over par = INT (-1.6 shots)
slightly under par = ADV (+1.6 shots)
well under par = PRO (+4.8 shots)

If you have never played Lunchtime, apply the same guidelines to scores at moderate difficulty courses like Dabney, Timber, or Pier. Adjust by 1 division down for easier courses like Orchard, Rockwood, Leverich, Highland, etc.; one division up for harder courses like Milo, Meadow Ridge, Trojan, Hagg, etc."

And again will I remind the you all that starting division is meaningless once you have played 2 weeks; after that point your handicap is based solely on your scores at Lunchtime League.

Here are the links to the results on my Comcast site, provided for those who cannot access them from the Yahoo group for any reason:

Please report any mistakes you may see right away, and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. As always, I thank you for your player support, without which Lunchtime League could not exist. I would also like to thank the volunteers who helped out: anyone who assisted in any way, and especially Jordan Lewis, Sam Gibson, and David Zimmerman, whose help was instrumental - THANK YOU!

G Stern