THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS  › RIVAL CLUBS   July 24, 2012 at 5:01pm

For all the other players who did not place in the RIVAL CLUBS system, here is the email I received from Karl;

Hey sorry, this is Karl with Wednesday scores! 

General Division  JoshM-65 SSNW    Rage-65 SSNW    MikeS-66 SSNW    ChadwickW-68    DonS-68 SSNW    TonyS-70 Mid-Valley    DustinS-73 SSNW   

Open Division   JackR-59 SSNW    JesseH-60 Mid-Valley    KarlD-61 SSNW    CarlB-62 Mid-Valley    AndyL-62 SSNW    MattY-63 SSNW    MikeR-64 Mid-Valley

Masters Division    VinceE-63 SSNW    ChrisF-66 SSNW    EricM-68 SSNW   

Grand Masters Division    ThomasD-66 SSNW


Only played one round, par is 56


Thanks Beast for getting these scores in!    

I will continue to track players for the series. REMEMBER, scores my change after the finale and current scores do not reflect points split (club points / players points). Awards for players with the most total series point at the finale can be tallied from these records and RC1 & RC2 events results so don't loose records please. I know the system is not perfect, I'm learning what clubs expect to do in RIVAL CLUBS with this years examples. Next year will have a club sign up deadline and event dates determined before the launch of the 2013 series.