Jason Borski  › Disc Zombies of Rhode Island   August 2, 2011 at 9:49pm

Played a couple of rounds at Normandy Farms today. (+10 and +7)


Close to my home

For what it is the course is nice

Saw one other group on my second round, but otherwise had the course to myself


Course is pretty short, average 200ft per hole. But nice practice for a newbie like me

A couple people do bike along paths/roads which make up quite a few of the fairways, though was not at all disruptive

Tee boxes are gravel and a bit uneven

At one point I tossed one behind a boulder which sits right next to the basket, when I came to get it a little three year old kid had it and was walking away to give it to his mother. I stopped him and had him toss it at the basket. Notch up one more convert!

All in all the course is good for a brand new player to get some practice in, otherwise drive the extra 20 minutes to Borderland,