Rick Wardell  › NUDGA   February 15, 2011 at 2:23pm

We need someone to go to Layton City to propose a course. There is a perfect place for a course called Kays Creek Parkway. Here are some details.

• Over 100 Acres

• Trailheads:

o Adam J. Welker Trailhead

2700 N. 2125 E. (Parking Lot)

o Canyon View Trailhead

2360 E. Canyon View

o Oak Forest Trailhead

2459 E. 2750 N.

o Lower Trailhead

2210 N. 1450 E.

• 4.5 miles of paved trail

• (25) Parking Spaces (Located at 2125 East)

• See Photos @

I have been looking at it for 3 years now. It’s 100% USDA Prime Real Estate. Just needs someone to propose it, and support it all the way thru to the end. Don’t need to be a NUDGA Board member to get this going, but if you are making promises of NUDGA you will need approval from NUDGA. I have an area for Kaysville too but I will need to find it on Google earth again. Similar terrain. Plenty of room. Any takers from you Southerners down there?