Rick Wardell  › NUDGA   February 3, 2011 at 10:24am

Sorry in advance. I was sucked back in by the vortex.

Here’s a little thing on rules. They breed. You start with couple of them, and they multiply constantly, and you end up with a bunch of crap that nobody likes. You can believe me on this subject. My job is to try to get folks to follow rules and regulations. I do it for a living. You could say I’m a paid professional ****. We can’t have amateur wannabe ****s writing rules. Sorry wannabe ****s. This is not directed at anyone specific. Just a small attempt at humor. You may not find it funny, but hey, I’m an ****. There are no consequences anyway. For example I’m not forfeiting my tag. If I leave before the round is over sure, but anything other than that, you are going to have to take it from me, rules or no rules. If I don’t follow the rules what’s going to happen to me? Nothing.

It’s all about me!!
Cant people just do the right thing. I haven’t heard of anyone not playing for them. Perhaps I don’t play well enough for it to be an issue for me, but I can see that it could be an issue for the people that play the best on a regular basis. I like to let the not as good players have them for a while too. It’s good to share. It makes people feel good.

It’s all about the best players!!
You have the low tags all of the time and can take them at any time. You can live without them for a little while. Maybe you shouldn’t play so well all the time. Then people wouldn’t be so scared of you. We get a pretty good shuffle of on Saturdays, but even the best players don’t come out every Saturday and give others a chance. We all know who the best players are and we don’t even need tags for that. If people are getting low tags and not playing for them just because they have a low tag, karma will come around and they will get theirs in the end.

Perhaps we should have a real league if someone wants to manage it, but someone will have to track who wins, who gets 2nd, 3rd, and so on, over a certain period of time then announce the results at the end. Maybe a points system? Like a real league. Not just who won last week or the last round. Which is all tags are in my opinion.

Sorry if I offended anyone but I’m a Professional **** and I don’t care. Keep it the way it is, or start a real league. That’s my vote. No more from me. I hope !! May get sucked back into the vortex though. I can’t control it !!!!