Flick your Wick @ Wicks

Doubles league August '12 - October '14 Saginaw, MI

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as of April 15

Next league day

Monday, April 21 @ 5:30pm
Wickes Woods
Saginaw, MI

About this League

Doubles league - 93 all-time players - 17 active players
No fee to play in this league
Monday Doubles

League News

KC Griffin   4 days ago

Leagues this Monday at 5:30pm! $400.00 ACE POOL!!!

I played it yesterday and there is a lot of flooding on 1,14,15,16,17. There has been more rain. You will get wet feet, but I don't care I'm having leagues regardless.

Matthew "Tuck" Shattuck   4 days ago

I wish I could make it up that ace pool is appetizing

KC Griffin   April 9 at 8:49am

Wicks Leagues

Leagues start this Monday at 5:30pm! $400.00 ACE POOL!!!

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Brandon Hewitt   7 days ago

you can just wire me the money. you know i would've hit it anyways

KC Griffin   7 days ago

only thing you would hit is the ground, haha sucka

Cameron Penix   5 days ago

that moneys going to be in my pocket tomorrow