Wingfoot Lake State Park

Suffield, Ohio     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Kevin Hitch    5 days ago



Always a good time and an unbelievable value. See this year's package and register online ASAP!


Scott Campbell    6 days ago

OHIO STATE FAIR - July 23-Aug 3

The Ohio State Parks will have a short 3 hole course (Thanks to Innova) set up at the fairgrounds. Myself and other disc golfers from State Parks all over Ohio will instruct people how to play and the basic fundamentals of disc golf. This could be a huge promotion for disc golf. Please spread the word!

I'll Be there the 28and 29.


Larry Bright Jr.    July 20 at 8:02pm

coming August 10th to Sims....$ims $ummer $lam $crambles Ca$h Tourney!!! Click the link below to get the deal on our doubles event with cash payouts!! $30 per team with $25 going to payouts and the other $5 going to the course!! 2 divisions, with an advanced and general grouping!! Come help support local disc golf!!


Jay Kovach    June 26 at 6:40am

Ball golf driving range on July 4 th Will be closed, the building will be open with drinks and ice cream please show up to play disc golf and enjoy some refreshments if they show a increase in money this way the ball golf goes please support a valiant effort and buy a soda or a Ice cream. This means they are expecting more causal disc golfers than ball golfers since it will be closed.

Lee Spencer   June 26 at 7:27am

Ice cream it is!

Rich Sveda Jr    June 8 at 9:34am

Tag league cancelled today the 8th due to rain. Sorry, see you out there next weekend.


Rich Sveda Jr    June 6 at 6:15pm

Tag league Sundays, start time 10:00 am. Come out and play, swap some tags.


Rich Sveda Jr    May 26 at 12:20am

Tag rounds will begin on sunday june 1st @ 9:30am (in order to get the back in before the golf range opens up). Free for members of the zeppelins! $2.00 for non members, non members contact Jay Kovach to join the Zeppelins for the one time $10.00 fee for membership and your tag and your covered for the year! We can do a dollar or two optional ace fund depending on what everyone wants, im open to suggestions. I'm currently working on maybe getting a really sweet avery disc or two for a overall a ... more

Rich Sveda Jr   May 30 at 6:03pm


Jay Kovach    May 17 at 12:44pm

Presently on Saturdays and Sundays at 1130 but sometimes earlier depending on the staff holes 12 thru 15 are closed so if you play on the weekend show up early and get the back 9 in first. This ball golf driving range is totally out of my hands. Thanks

Don Thomas   May 17 at 10:49pm

What about during the tourney this Sat?

Jay Kovach   May 18 at 6:14am

Look out for the balls! No just kidding should be good

Larry Bright Jr.    May 4 at 9:33am

Online registration is for the Trilogy Challenge at Sims Park on July 6th is now set up!! Sorry for the delay, but we are good to go now!! Registration will be open through June 30th. Don't miss out on the chance to throw these discs before they are released!!


Jon DeCapua    April 23 at 5:15pm

Visit this link to vote for updates to the state parks that have disc golf courses!! Please share!


Steven Smith    April 20 at 7:54am

Once again I'm missing two Disc. My x out clear disc on 16 and a pink star lite wraith. Probally won't get them back for whatever reason it's my fifth disc lost at wingfoot and no one has returned any. Number is on discs'. 3305729711

Kris Keyes   April 20 at 8:40am

Yea, if you're lucky enough that somebody on the scene finds it, chances are you'll get it back. But, odds are against that.. Most if the time it's the guys who don't go to any of the clubs or tourneys so they just put it in their bag and count it profit.. I've lost discs at arbo, portage, wingfoot, and never a call unless it was somebody from the club that I know.

Jay Kovach    March 30 at 11:26am

The Wingfoot Zeppelins your local Club has installed the solar basket lights on all the baskets for the year. These are there for everyone's enjoyment they where purchased with Club funds. All we ask is if you see people messing with them please explain why they are out there and that it was hard working individuals money that made this course light up at night for all to enjoy for free. We plan to install even more! Another reminder glow is Monday nights 8pm mitch the beard Guernsey is the di ... more


Steven Smith    March 13 at 9:33am

Anyone ever find that roc3 on hole 17? lime green

Steven Smith   March 13 at 9:34am


Jay Kovach   March 14 at 7:49am

I have not heard anything

Cody Dockrill    February 23 at 4:23pm

Got my yellow-green champion Firebird stuck at the top of one of the pine trees on hole 4 if anyone comes across it or somehow gets it down it would be much appreciated. Reward if anyone returns it.


eric wernet    January 18 at 8:39am

Have you added the NEO Disc Golf Alliance to your favorite clubs? Do it now!!

Jay Kovach   March 30 at 11:15am

Do it everyone, the NEO_DISC_GOLF_ALLIANCE is the home of largest winter charity tour in O_H_I_O! Get informed.

Jay Kovach    December 31 at 3:47pm

14 spots left for the hangover at the hangar doubles tournament first stop of the frozen fingers fairway charity tour.


Rich Sveda Jr    December 27 at 9:48pm

Found a star archon today on three near the tee for four. Inked Antal. He's not on here, anyone know him? Let me know.

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Matt O   December 29 at 7:44am

It's my buddy Brian's Archon. The light blue one?

Rich Sveda Jr   December 29 at 9:44pm

light blue with a pink swirl.

Jay Kovach   December 30 at 6:20am

Think it found its home another case solved.

Lee Spencer    December 23 at 6:19am

Lost a purple, bottom stamped Aviar Putter, with name and number. Hoping for return if found. Thank you.

Steven Smith   December 23 at 7:42pm

what hole?

Steven Smith   December 23 at 9:27pm

I'll look for it if you know what hole

Jay Kovach    December 15 at 11:50am


Signs, add wood to small signs, fix sleeves, get new locks, sleeve 5-8 so old layout can come back, Sleeve the rest of the course, work on blue and gold layout. Plan for 2015.

Steven Smith   December 16 at 4:32pm

sounds good. id love to join up and help

Jay Kovach   December 16 at 5:24pm

Come on out the 4 th for some doubles fun

Steven Smith   December 16 at 8:28pm

Thx man, I'll do my best to be there.

Steven Smith    December 4 at 1:03pm

Just lost my red star beast on hole 5 I think. if not that hole then somewhere lol. It wasn't until hole 9 realized I didn't have it. Name and number are on it. Thx