Willow Metropark

Willow, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Jason Jopps    May 5 at 1:21pm

Left a red/pink bolt on hole 15. My name and PDGA number was on it. Big reward if returned.


Nick Oliver    May 1 at 11:38am

Pretty sure at some point I dropped my PURPLE CRYZTAL DRONE with a black Battle 3 stamp (literally 1 of 1, heres a pic of the stamp https://www.facebook.com/DetroitDiscGolf/photos/pb.193523377385194.-2207520000.1430494656./742318669172326/?type=3&theater). Name and # is on it. If anyone sees someone not me using it LET ME KNOW. Reward if returned :)


Ashley M    April 12 at 1:30pm

Does any one know the conditions for today? We are planning on going disc golfing, but we haven't decided where to go.

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Nick Oliver   April 13 at 12:39pm

Driest courses around are typically Indy, Ponds, and some of the further north spots (in my experience).

Ashley M   April 13 at 10:33pm

we typically go to Vienna or Parm, they are much closer to us. thank you for the information ^_^

Nick Oliver   April 16 at 2:35pm

Right on my friend!

John Dishaw    April 5 at 10:56pm


I lost or just left a bright dayglow Axiom Insanity on one of the extra holes about 2 weeks ago. It does not have any name or ink on it, but I would love to get it back. I was suggested to throw this up here, maybe some kind soul might have found it...thanks in advance!!


Jason Adamski    April 5 at 7:39pm

Say something ...Don't forget about Night Moose Ace Race on April 18th. Cashless pre-reg or show up day of. We will be playing 24 at Willow in the morning and we will be play 26 at Moose Meadows in the afternoon(2 rounds of 13).

Jesse -   April 5 at 8:58pm

No 30 at willow?

Jason Adamski   April 5 at 9:29pm

They wanted to charge us to use picnic area so we are doing 24 first round and 26 second.

Paul Doherty    April 4 at 10:03am

Curious about conditions as well..some guys last weekend said it was fairly dry

Jeremy Foor   April 4 at 10:33am

Hey Paul, juts played it yesterday not bad at all considering.. Bring boot still but really only 7,8,9 are swampy. Not sure how but 10 is no longer the flood hole, its totally dry. Enjoy!

Paul Doherty   April 4 at 11:46am

Good to hear Jeremy, thanks. Was playing today regardless but wanted to know what to expect.

Mike Curry    April 3 at 10:01am

What's the course like condition wise?

Nick Oliver   April 6 at 8:52pm

Not bad. But with impending rains it will be a rough couple days ahead. Currently it sounds like its about waterproof at the least, boots for 6-10.

Lucas Nino    March 22 at 12:45pm

Little late but I lost a red Vip world with a purple stamp, I think it was on hole 22.


Scott Martinelli    March 11 at 1:44pm

Lost a blue pfn wraith on hole 2. Reward I'd returned.


Daniel Russell    March 8 at 5:32pm

Lost pink prodigy d5. Breast cancer awareness on the top. It should be somewhere to the left of the basket on hole 1. Name and number on inner rim. Reward if found.


Jason Adamski    March 2 at 6:37pm

Lost Red Z Nuke with Night Moose tourny stamp on it #16 should be in fairway or just off it. Reward if found.


Jesse Whitlock    March 2 at 2:01pm

Found a blue disc on hole 1 Alex Z. on the back...also lost a stratus on hole 18 to the left would appreciate if someone returns it...thanks


Rich Mcpherson    February 22 at 12:28pm

Tee pads will be clear jay and wade are here too cleaning them off


Dave Lassen    February 21 at 11:51pm

1thru 15 covered in 3-4 inches salted at end of pads......16-24 burried in 16 inches.Very deep snow on the course but playable.

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Dave Lassen   February 22 at 2:25am


Dave Lassen   February 22 at 9:25am

It's going to take more than a measly shovel to excavate the pads.Going to have to call in a archeology team to dig out those pads.

mark ellis   February 22 at 5:25pm

A blow torch and a lot of patience could clear the shorts. Two months or a nuclear accident could clear the longs. How effective would a single shovel be? Might as well bring a spoon.

sheldon bowen    February 21 at 10:16am

What's the condition of teepads?

Dave Lassen   February 21 at 10:39am

not sure going to take my chances,Wade left a bag of salt to put down on the pads

Nick Oliver    February 11 at 9:07pm

Sad to report that the massive tree between holes 5 and 6 split in half :( We saw it on Sunday during our round. Maybe the park can chip it on-site and at least let it live on for while longer.

steve nolff   February 12 at 9:14am

She was a grand old gardian. I like to believe the Great Lakes are simply Earth's tears shed for every tree lost. I shall have a drink in her honor this weekend.

Nick Oliver    February 8 at 5:03pm

Played to 16, cleaned off every pad (most 100%), then the rain came and we set off to hole #23 (cleared that) and #24 (which I aced!). We left a nice deep trail through the hole place, but its heavy snow out there. Be prepared.

Plastic Ninjas love Willow :)


John McAskin    February 7 at 2:27pm

Anyone know the teepad conditions here?

Dave Lassen   February 7 at 2:51pm

Covered in a foot + of snow

John McAskin   February 7 at 3:05pm

Thx, anyone know of any pads that are shoveled in the area. Indy?

Gabe Cadorin    January 13 at 7:16pm

Are tee pads clear ???

g lane   January 14 at 4:30am

yep. all clear.

ken "sega salt" moote    December 21 at 1:58pm

Left stool at willow please message if found thanks

Jim Fries   December 21 at 2:14pm

Is it wrapped up in a microfiber?

Nick Oliver   December 21 at 6:07pm

We got it! PM your number and I'll have my buddy contact you.