Willow Metropark

Willow, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Wade Calvert    2 days ago

Lost blue Xpress with lumberjack stamp on hole 2 name and number on the back of the disc if found will pay a good reward for its return

Trevor "Doppler" Dixon   2 days ago

Bold move playing willow this I time of year

Shawn Vena    August 21 at 10:21pm

Lost mvp circuit tangent copper color hole 5 left of fairway..
Name and Number on back buy ya a couple beers or pops if found


Jason Josaitis    August 21 at 8:50pm

Mosquitos are not bad at all here....at least Friday, the 21st of Aug....

Cameron LaMance   August 22 at 12:48pm

Shhhh, keep it a secret.

Nick Oliver   6 days ago

Anyone who plays this course knows this time of year as the rains finally dwindle down the skeets tend to be a 5/10. Still not for the faint of heart, but wayyyyy better than the average.

Jason Josaitis    August 21 at 8:49pm

I lost an MVP Photon Volt on hole #8. Light Green...bounced off the tree in the middle of the fairway to the left. I think mu number was on the disc.


Douglas McIntosh    August 10 at 8:24pm

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 11th - Willow

Huron Valley PDGA Singles League will be Heading to Willow Metropark for 20 holes (skipping 18-21) long tees. $1 will get your round rated. For those that would like to play for cash there will be a $5 Pro and am2 division. There will also be an optional $2 cash CTP and $2 ace pool. ($10 if all in)

Ace Pool is now @ $474
(80% payout if you've played 4 or more rounds, otherwise 60% payout)




Christian Doman    July 25 at 11:15pm

Played the course today, and it was definitely untamed. I covered myself in deet, but it seemed like seasoning to these crazy mosquitos. They were quite agressive, and their black and white striped abdomens were fearsome. A little TLC after peak skeeter season and before the fall tournaments should have it looking good again. I did manage to lose a couple of discs out there also. A purple Opto Fury in the ditch between baskets one and twenty three. Also, a dayglo Sparkle Rogue from '08 ... more


Ryan Wheeler    July 23 at 10:16pm

I played this course today. As i pulled in I wondered why there were NO cars in the parking lot. I found out rather quickly that this is obviously where ALL the mosquitoes come from in Michigan. I left a Trilogy Claymore all swirly and dope to the right of the basket on 18 because I didn't have any repellent and they were winning. I managed to shoot a 72 from the am pads with just a Theif and a Macana. Cool course, I'd wait till the fall to play though. Not worth the struggle right now.

steve nolff   July 24 at 1:46pm


Ryan Wheeler   July 25 at 1:07pm

Deet Shmeet...those mosquitoes were immune to that stuff.

steve nolff   July 25 at 6:17pm


peter kunoff    July 21 at 4:02pm

How bad are the Skeeters here...considering Thursday morning round

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peter kunoff   July 22 at 8:29am

Just wondering if playable with max DEET coverage

Nate Wheeling   July 22 at 8:39am

I threw it 2 weeks ago and it was atrocious. Applied spray 3 different times during the round and was swatting with my towel non stop. The course could have dried up more since then. Either way, have your skin covered.

peter kunoff   July 22 at 9:40am

ok. thanks for heads up...prefer not to play under that level of duress

Dave Lassen    July 5 at 10:27am

Have to report some vandalism. Played Dubs yesterday and there are two trees that were taken down. 1st is on hole 11 the little guard tree between the long teepad and short teepad. And also the guard tree on hole 17 next to the basket is completely taken out .I am pretty sure the wind got the tree on 11 but for sure hole 17 was purposely taken out by a casual group of 7 before our round started.

Ben Calhoun   July 5 at 1:16pm

I'll help bury their bodies, lmk.

Dave Lassen    June 14 at 7:03am

Just a heads up to everyone. Willow is very wet....still playable.Mosquitoes are vicious ,make sure you have spray.Shot there yesterday and they were in mass numbers.


Lawrence Leonardi essentialdiscs.com    June 11 at 5:22pm

Holy Oaks PDGA C/B tier at Addison Oaks this Saturday. Don't forget to preregister!!!


Ska Bob    June 3 at 5:12pm

How are the mosquitoes so far this year?

Kyle Vena   June 3 at 7:17pm

I played the other day while it was raining and I got eaten alive!

Nick Oliver   June 3 at 8:49pm

There last week, one of the worst mosquito issues I've ever had at a disc golf course was here at Willow. They're pretty bad .

Jason Josaitis   June 8 at 8:10pm

You need a bath in 100% DEET...then you may make it through. LOL. They can be fierce there...

Jason Jopps    May 5 at 1:21pm

Left a red/pink bolt on hole 15. My name and PDGA number was on it. Big reward if returned.


Nick Oliver    May 1 at 11:38am

Pretty sure at some point I dropped my PURPLE CRYZTAL DRONE with a black Battle 3 stamp (literally 1 of 1, heres a pic of the stamp https://www.facebook.com/DetroitDiscGolf/photos/pb.193523377385194.-2207520000.1430494656./742318669172326/?type=3&theater). Name and # is on it. If anyone sees someone not me using it LET ME KNOW. Reward if returned :)


Ashley M    April 12 at 1:30pm

Does any one know the conditions for today? We are planning on going disc golfing, but we haven't decided where to go.

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Nick Oliver   April 13 at 12:39pm

Driest courses around are typically Indy, Ponds, and some of the further north spots (in my experience).

Ashley M   April 13 at 10:33pm

we typically go to Vienna or Parm, they are much closer to us. thank you for the information ^_^

Nick Oliver   April 16 at 2:35pm

Right on my friend!

John Dishaw    April 5 at 10:56pm


I lost or just left a bright dayglow Axiom Insanity on one of the extra holes about 2 weeks ago. It does not have any name or ink on it, but I would love to get it back. I was suggested to throw this up here, maybe some kind soul might have found it...thanks in advance!!


Jason Adamski    April 5 at 7:39pm

Say something ...Don't forget about Night Moose Ace Race on April 18th. Cashless pre-reg or show up day of. We will be playing 24 at Willow in the morning and we will be play 26 at Moose Meadows in the afternoon(2 rounds of 13).

Jesse -   April 5 at 8:58pm

No 30 at willow?

Jason Adamski   April 5 at 9:29pm

They wanted to charge us to use picnic area so we are doing 24 first round and 26 second.

Paul Doherty    April 4 at 10:03am

Curious about conditions as well..some guys last weekend said it was fairly dry

Jeremy Foor   April 4 at 10:33am

Hey Paul, juts played it yesterday not bad at all considering.. Bring boot still but really only 7,8,9 are swampy. Not sure how but 10 is no longer the flood hole, its totally dry. Enjoy!

Paul Doherty   April 4 at 11:46am

Good to hear Jeremy, thanks. Was playing today regardless but wanted to know what to expect.

Mike Curry    April 3 at 10:01am

What's the course like condition wise?

Nick Oliver   April 6 at 8:52pm

Not bad. But with impending rains it will be a rough couple days ahead. Currently it sounds like its about waterproof at the least, boots for 6-10.

Lucas Nino    March 22 at 12:45pm

Little late but I lost a red Vip world with a purple stamp, I think it was on hole 22.