Wickes Woods

Saginaw, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Kyle Foster    4 days ago

So when I post a score on here it says like +6 66 (4.81)... does anyone know what the 4.81 means? its different on every score i submit


Kyle Foster    4 days ago

Got my first ace yesterday on hole 8, should i retire the disc or just sign and date the bottom and keep playing?

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Zack Schenkel   4 days ago

I signed mine and kept it in my bag. I have to admit that I'm a little hesitant to throw it in situations where there's a high risk of losing it (around deep water etc)

Kyle Foster   4 days ago

i have heard and read that is bad luck o keep throwing it after an ace. i didnt throw it for the rest of my round yesterday.

Travis Moulton   4 days ago

I retired my first ace disc, then rebagged it. Lost it about 2 rounds after i rebagged it. If it is important to you, i would hang it up.

jeff j    June 20 at 11:32pm

lost dark blue g star teebird on 18 on the left side 100 feet from tee pad reward of plastic or cash phone # and name on disc


Lawrence Leonardi essentialdiscs.com    June 11 at 5:21pm

Holy Oaks PDGA C/B tier at Addison Oaks this Saturday. Don't forget to preregister!!!


Jordan Walters    June 10 at 7:53am

Left R pro orange roc on 6


Kyle Foster    May 24 at 12:14pm

Looking for more info on the leagues.

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Brent Faubert   May 27 at 2:48pm

Ok all dubs events are random draw dubs unless otherwise stated, meaning you don't have to bring a partner

Brent Faubert   May 27 at 2:49pm

Cost depends on league, but most in this area are $5 to play(goes towards payouts) and $2 acepool. If you hit an ace and paid in that day, you get whatever is in it

Brent Faubert   May 27 at 2:50pm

Leagues are a week to week basis so if you miss a week it's not a big deal. You are not obligated to show up every week

Ryan Anderson    May 8 at 8:21pm

Leagues are at 6:00 on Mondays starting next week


jeff j    May 3 at 11:35pm

friend of mine left a blue katanna behind near basketball courts had a 915 wrote on inside lmk if you have it will work out reward


Kody "Shooter" Slough    April 19 at 6:02pm

Lost a spin dyed x-out wraith on hole 10 text 19898827130 would really love the disc back


Sean Halloran    April 11 at 10:27am

Lost a blue Firebird right before the fairway turns into the woods on hole 8. No name or number but I'd love it back. Going to look for it now


Tyler Quinn    April 4 at 6:52pm

Left my red destroyer in the field today :( I would love to get it back please, reward if returned. has Brent Faubert's ink on the rim.


Brent Faubert    March 30 at 11:58am


We are starting tonight at 5:30 SHARP!! $5 round with $2 ace. We will move it back to 6 pm after a couple of weeks to ensure we can get the whole round in before dark. See everyone there!


KC Griffin    March 30 at 10:50am

any leagues today? ill be shooting at 530

Paul Tribble   March 30 at 10:54am

I'm down.. I know midland starts back up this week..

Joshua Seaver   March 30 at 11:22am

st chuck tomorrow $5 dubs @ 530

Brent Faubert   March 30 at 11:56am

I will be out there. I'm gonna post here shortly KC.

Noah Seeburger    March 17 at 12:33pm

Left my green/teal gateway evo warrior on hole 14 yesterday. If you have any info please contact me at 989-714-8906


zack salwasser    March 13 at 2:36pm

Baskets in?

Dave Bear Halloran   March 13 at 3:30pm


Brent Faubert    January 28 at 6:25pm

Check out the first local tournament of the year, Feb 21 at The Pines. Come out and start the year off right!!! PRO PAR PLASTIC!!!


Township Source    November 25 at 11:13am

Starting Monday December 1st, 2014 work will begin to take down the baskets for the winter. Posts and markers will remain thru the winter. Baskets normally start going back up mid-late March weather dependent. Vandalism continues to be an issue and if anyone sees any damage issues please email [email redacted] . Thank you.


David LaPorte    September 20 at 11:58pm

HUGE bee hive on hole 18.. right side of the fairway just before the right dogleg ( 160 feet off the tee)..ground hive

Matt Wiles   September 21 at 1:11am


Paul Tribble   September 22 at 1:11pm


Zack Schenkel    August 31 at 8:09pm

Lost a yellow (slightly faded) tie dye Pro Destroyer in the group of trees between 5 and 6. I'd love to get it back, even if I have to buy it back.


Brenden Tetloff    August 15 at 11:39pm

Lost a sexy tye dye star destroyer on the right side of hole 13 at wickes let me know if you find it

Brenden Tetloff   August 16 at 9:35pm

make that hole 3