Wheatland DGC @ Willamette Mission State Park

Gervais, Oregon     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Carly Rae    6 days ago

I played here today for the second time and have a love hate for the course. I enjoyed my time again today but wasn't able to finish the round this time because I recently had knee suegery. One thing that would make the course even better is benches. It would have really helped me out. I will come back and hope to decrease my score here everytime. Thanks for all the work you do on the course.

Mike Wilson   6 days ago

Benches are in the works, possibly.

trent hughes   6 days ago

I agree, benches would be good for that course.

Mike Wilson    March 28 at 9:43pm

With the resent work that we just did to H16 it should play as a par 3 now.
Working on a new longer location for that hole also.

Nico "Putta Smooth" Lagaso   March 31 at 2:05pm

very par-able

Mike Wilson    March 28 at 9:42pm

Got the trees cut down that we wanted to remove and also cleaned out the inside corner of H16. (WHICH SHOULD BE PLAYED AS A PAR 3 NOW) We are working on a new location for 16 that should make it a par 4 again once we finish it.

Also got fairways 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 15, & 16 mowed.

Lastly got a walkout trail chipped and 3 or 4 teepad backfilled.

I think it was a productive day!!

Thanks Jason & Don!!

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Mike Wilson   March 29 at 12:53am

They want them to be close to trails so the Rangers don't have to "go looking" to check on them.

Mike Wilson   March 29 at 12:54am

Thought about entrance to 3 & between 9&10

Rick Saffeels   March 29 at 1:19am

Perfect :) those are great locations

Mike Wilson    March 27 at 11:21pm

Just a reminder of the work party tomorrow out at Wheatland. It starts at 8:00, thanks in advance.


Justin "ugh massa" Stinson    March 26 at 8:00pm

Left a yellow star gator on the course about a week ago just noticed it was gone. Super inked from all my aces ;) probably gone but thought id give it a try

Rick Saffeels   March 26 at 9:04pm

I played several rounds there this week and haven't seen anything. Sorry man :( hope it finds it's way back to ya

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   March 26 at 11:57pm

yeah i figured someone would have called by now if they were planning on it. thanks though rick

Mike Wilson    March 23 at 11:15pm

I'll be out at Wheatland at 8am this Saturday the 28th doing some work!
If you have the desire or any free time come on out and help! We will make it a PARTY!!

Want to get some limbs cut & cleared, 2 trees cut down, spread some bark chips, and just general/spring clean up done.

Bring tools, gloves, or anything you think will/would help get the job done.
Thanks & hope to see you Sat.!!

Mike Wilson   March 24 at 7:12am

Meet and park by the horse corral and large pile of bark chips

Steve Moore   March 26 at 7:36pm

You know I am usually in for things like this and would be there this time, but already had out of town activity planned before this was first announced. Keep up good work

Mike Wilson    March 9 at 7:47pm

As of 3:45 all 18 baskets are good to go!!
Was able to get them fixed. Thank goodness nothing was broken.

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brian g   March 9 at 11:23pm

that #3 was nasty! good work, thanks! i heard 2 extremely well endowd gentlemen got #4 sorted regardless of their inability to throw discs accurately.

Mike Wilson   March 10 at 12:49am

I heard that too^^^

brian g   March 10 at 1:31am

the well endowed part im guessing ^^^

Jim Costello    March 9 at 10:38am

If anyone knows a Michael Valente, someone in my group found his disc in the rough on hole #8 Saturday. It's a fuchsia Innova with "The Aaargh - 2011 Masters" custom stamped on it.


Mike Wilson    March 8 at 8:55pm

Well, someone vandalized a couple of baskets out at Wheatland. I was send pics about 5:30 today. If someone can give information that leads to a conviction, I'll reward you & you can remain anonymous.

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Steve Moore   March 9 at 12:06am

I will make a real effort now to be there as close to 7 as possible before anymore people pass thru course. Do the pictures you got definetily show some kind of induced damage to them Mike

Mike Wilson   March 9 at 12:35am

Hard to tell from pics. Possible chains detached, unknown if or what is broken.

Steve Moore   March 9 at 12:31pm

Pictures I took this morning of baskets. One of us will have them fixed soon. http://www.discgolfscene.com/profile/17065/pictures/album_13356

Mike Wilson    March 7 at 12:46am

Park is now open at 7AM, (actually has been for a week or two). Normally then change the park hours twice a year, which coincides with the changing of your clocks.

Matt Bressler   March 7 at 12:12pm

who golfs at 7am.... :-D

Mr CLEAN   March 7 at 1:17pm

best dam time of day to knock some holes out! try it you'll love it!

Mike Wilson    March 1 at 7:13pm

Got a little bit of work done this afternoon out on the course. Cut some branches, bark chipped walkout trail between 1 & 2, back filled 2's tee pad, & made some room for a fir tree to hopefully flourish!

Lots of people out on this beautiful day & not just the locals. Talked to people from Corvallis, Albany, & PDX. All seemed to be enjoying themselves! Even cooler to see people from outside the area playing the course!

Steve Moore   March 1 at 8:02pm

It was great talking to the out of area folks and hearing their comments. The trail looks great now and makes it stand out better, easier to follow. Tee pad great imrovement with backfill, lots of our courses still need that done. Lastly, I think with the TLC we gave that fir tree is going to allow it to grow healthier and more rapidly now. Good job on a good course

Jim Costello   March 2 at 10:52am

Thanks, all involved! I've only been out to play once since it's opened, but it was beautiful then, and I'm sure it looks even better now! Hope to get out there again soon.

Mike Wilson    February 24 at 10:28pm

February 29th at noon. I'm planning on working out at Wheatland DGC.

Just doing some general spring clean up around the course.
But I'm also hoping to get bark hips delivered this week. If they show up I'd also like to put chips around baskets and on trails.
If you'd like to come out and help that would be great!!

Bring gloves, loppers, saws, rakes, & whatever you think might be useful.

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Jarod Gogal   February 25 at 1:26am

is this after tri lambs round?

Mike Wilson   February 25 at 7:49am

Elmer: yeah, I'll headout after playing league.

Jarod Gogal   February 25 at 6:11pm

okay.. I'll see what terb is doing.

Lily "Hammer" Lee    February 23 at 6:38am

If anybody finds a blue custom dyed sidewinder on #5 (likely between the bushes at the end just before it opens up to the basket) will you please get it back to me by either texting the number on the rim or, if in the neighborhood, by dropping it off at Tiger Discs? Please? I messed up and apparently left it behind during doubles league. :/


Mike Wilson    February 21 at 3:27pm

If you are ever wondering about flood conditions at Wheatland you can call 503.393.1172 ext. 40 to get voice message on updated park conditions!


Nico "Putta Smooth" Lagaso    February 15 at 2:18pm

How is the course playing these days? Is it swampy all over?

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Logan Van Diepen   February 18 at 4:59pm

I was there about 2 weeks ago,and it was fine. No swamp at all. Champoeg on the other hand, yikes.

Mike Wilson   February 18 at 6:59pm

Was out there today and walked several holes to check on things. Place looks great!!

Nico "Putta Smooth" Lagaso   February 21 at 10:39am

ya we played it and it was good just really windy that day

Mike Wilson    January 17 at 10:55pm

At the rate it's raining the main enter acne will be closed by Sunday morning. Back entrance is still open.


Mike Wilson    January 15 at 9:03pm

According to weather forecast: Sometime this weekend the main road in will flood again. So if you are going out you will need to use the back entrance.


Mike Wilson    January 5 at 7:00pm

Based on projections the main entrance into Wheatland should be accessible sometime Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.
The back access is open now also.


Mike Wilson    January 3 at 8:34pm

The back entrance to Wheatland is open!

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Mike Wilson   January 3 at 10:26pm

No I haven't yet. But I know a few played today and I asked if they saw anything to get back to me. I have not heard from them.

Steve Moore   January 4 at 12:41am

Thanks again for update and hopefully shortly we can drive in front way again. Keep up your good efforts.

Rick Saffeels   January 4 at 12:55am

Maybe they drowned...nah just kidding :)

Mike Wilson    December 27 at 2:46pm

The park will be lose for some time due to flooding.
I'll post again wheni know that the river levels will allow the park to open again.


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