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Brandon"RedRum" Redmond    22 hours ago

I will be looking to play here sunday at about 11am. Anyone is welcome to join.


Jeff Meldrum    2 days ago

Are the tourney shorts designated?

Chris Leo   2 days ago

They should be, however after the Turkey Open all of the shorts were picked up. I assume shorts and longs need to be re done.

Jeff Meldrum   2 days ago


Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   2 days ago

longs are fine. No flags, but pads are there. absolutely no flags on any shorts and there are 3 holes without pads...

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond    4 days ago

FYI for all golfers who wish to play here. I know that the pricings fluctuated some last year, and that we were charged $5 to walk it and usually anywhere from $15-25 for a cart. I know some of us paid $12.50 if we were carting it with another guy, pretty much splitting the $25 fee. I played here today and myself and a buddy were to be charged $40 total, $20 each, for play and cart rental. After speaking with them after the round (we walked instead) I was told that this was suppose to be the pri ... more

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Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   2 days ago

Corbyn no one is stepping in...I was reporting what was told to me by an employee...who obviously had wrong info. It has since been corrected. you're about 3 days too late.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   2 days ago

I've spoken with Randy on a couple occasions, as well as other employees. I have a pretty good report with many of them. This is why I tried to get clarification

Corbyn Blackwell   2 days ago

never to late :)

Calvin J Cressey    6 days ago

anyone know where i can find a course map with hole distance.

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Calvin J Cressey   3 days ago

i might take u up on that brandon. ill let ya know on sat. it looks like it could be a fun course

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   2 days ago

it's a lot of fun. be ready to bring your arm lol. let me know and I should be free from like 11am on. might have something lined up to go to stony but I'll see what happens. could always play here later in the day. just give a holler. text if you want my number is on my profile

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   1 day ago

calvin you still wanna maje it out to the course tomorrow?

Jason Riberas    April 13 at 3:08pm

Is the score card thats posted on hole 1, is that updated since the move of holes 9 and 18? Looking to play here on Wed and Thur.

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John Minicuci   6 days ago

Well, by all means, come back to the disc golf course when you have no class!

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   6 days ago

i'm cool with early lol. it honestly doesn't matter man. whenever works

Jason Riberas   5 days ago

I would prefer after class because then I have no obligations until later at night. So I would like to go and tee off by 3ish.

Jeff Meldrum    April 8 at 1:39pm

Is the course open? If so, is it still $5 to walk and $5 for a cart?

John Minicuci   April 8 at 2:20pm

The disc golf course is open for $5 to play. I am not sure if they are letting carts out yet but the price has always been $ 15

Jeff Meldrum   April 8 at 4:57pm

Thank you!

Ryan Ripaldi    March 16 at 9:37pm

u guys still running the putting league tomorrow? if so what time does it start?

Jay B INSANITY DGC   March 16 at 9:38pm

reg starts at 530 start playing around 6, might be construction on 17 so depending on your direction might have to come in from 17 from the van dyke sidw of the bridge

Ryan Ripaldi   March 16 at 9:41pm

thanks dude! appreciate it

John Minicuci   March 16 at 10:05pm

Construction is supposed to start near Mound tomorrow morning.

joshua orsborn    November 6 at 7:48am

At the Turkey open I lost 3 disc in the water.....2 nuke Z's that have my name on them and a tie died champ wraith....I also left a nuke z on the course somewhere...if they could be returned I will gladly give $$$ to the person who returns them. Thanks.


Corbyn Blackwell    November 5 at 7:16am

Lost Glow firebird hole 7


Kenneth Mize    November 2 at 10:00pm

Red destroyer, green destroyer and blue crank hole 7 river. Will reward for return!!!

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Matt Homan   November 3 at 7:46am

how the heck do you lose 3 discs on the same hole?

Kenneth Mize   November 3 at 9:25am

My partner lost his crank and first round I slip and throw is ****ty nearly went in. Then second round I just throw to much hyzer. Hopefully In April I get em back

Matt Homan   November 4 at 6:45am

disc sickles

John Minicuci    October 31 at 12:04am

Take a look at the map of the course as of October 30, 2013:


Jason Riberas    October 17 at 7:48pm

Looking for a partner for the turkey open next month, I want to play am3. If anyone is willing to partner up, if you want to meet up and play a round out here together before making any decisions, hit me up.


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Fred Vocino    October 14 at 3:00pm

A month ago I put a purple ti-nuke-ss in the creek about 60 feet left of the bridge after my drive from tee #4. Any divers found it yet?

Jason Riberas   October 14 at 11:21pm

Fred, I too also lost one last week there and have another 3-4 more spread around. My buddy gave a look around and was only able to return one of mine and most people probably won't be going in there around this time of year the water is too cold and its also very murky, just too hard to find anyth ... more

Fred Vocino   October 14 at 11:49pm

Maybe some beavers will build a dam upstream or a draught will improve the conditions for a search. I live in Grand Rapids but will keep my eyes open for a search crew request. The imagination of future archeologists will be challenged when they find these sacrificial dishes embedded in a layer of shale.

Jason Riberas    October 7 at 6:12pm

Lost a Purple Champ Metal Flake Tern on hole 12. It's creek somewhere, no name and number on it. Hopefully I can get it back it was from this years Firefighters classic, really loved throwing it.


Jason Riberas    September 19 at 4:49am

So when is the ball golfers season over with? I want to maybe play a round over here soon. Anyone down to play let me know.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   September 19 at 6:22am

I texted jason but for anyone else who would like to know...some leagues are done on certain days and at certain times. as always just call to find out if you are able to play the disc golf course. I was able to play last thursday with barely any golfers on the course. I believe mary jane said wed t ... more

John Minicuci   September 25 at 7:41pm

There may be a rogue league or two still going on. They are small in nature so most days, all day, you should be able to get on the course. There are a couple of 30 -man ball golf scrambles on the books so like always, it is best to call the club house to see if tee times are available.

Darren Harper    September 9 at 7:49pm

Lost or left orange surge ss at Sunnybrook has #9666 on it also I think 248-765-0910. Reward for return. Thanks!.

marty peters   September 9 at 8:03pm

This seems to be a problem lately!

Darren Harper   September 9 at 9:34pm

yeah a real bummer if I had a chance to ay with a great pro like you Id prolly pay more attention?!

marty peters   September 9 at 10:17pm

LoLI was thinking glasses.

Fred Vocino    September 9 at 1:06am

I put one in the drink on hole 4...a purple ti Nuke SS. Does anyone at the course do a periodic dredge of the critical points on the stream? I drove from Grand Rapids to loose my main driver, but I may be back near Sunnybrook next weekend.

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Fred Vocino   September 9 at 11:53am

Thanks again...using the long tee pic on DGS, I think it went in about half way between the basket and the bridge. If thats the hopeless spot, then stay dry. Its the thought that counts.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   September 9 at 10:03pm

wait I was thinking hole 5 not 4. if you're where you say it is a possibility. I haven't found less tban 30 the 4 times I've gone lol. I will call them tomorrow and see about hwading out Wednesday during the day. as long as there is a name and or number I always return

Fred Vocino   September 10 at 11:20am

30 per swim...I can believe that for hole 4. As for hole 5- being new and alone, I was driving from the short ball tees. I hyzer skipped off the basket top, clear over the water. Months of less fortunate shots there suggest the presence of much plastic. Try to get some buds to join a recovery crew. Llike me, people will reward the effort.

Fred Vocino    September 6 at 9:05pm

What are my chances to play casual on this course on Sunday 9/8 about 6pm? That is...will the ball golfers be discgolfers tend to play that day and time?

John Minicuci   September 6 at 11:29pm

You should be fine Fred. If you call the clubhouse as for Al just to be sure but at 6 pm you should be fine...

Fred Vocino   September 7 at 10:33am

Thanks. You're the one who knows..I'm sure.

Darren Harper    September 6 at 6:03pm

Lost surge ss orange beat up has #9666 and I think my ph#248-765-0910. Left in a cart I think or on course reward if returned. Thanks. Let Japanese guts player use it now gone.