Stony Creek Metropark

Shelby Township, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Garrett Emenheiser    May 14 at 8:53pm

Lost a greyish black avenger ss almost brand new on right side of fairway on hole 15 name and number is not on it my number is 586 533 0180 thanks


Brian Schoening    May 13 at 7:42pm

Lost a green MVP motion on hole 24. Hit the tree on the left and kicked back. Shouldn't be in the water. Would love for its return. Thank you friends!


Aidan R    May 9 at 12:48pm

Would be amazing if someone found that orange champ boss that Jon posted, I'm the one who lost it. Between holes 3 and 20, going to be on the right side of the course seeing how I throw lefty. Wish i could get out there this weekend to look, but cant. . .


Jonathan Sand    May 8 at 4:19pm

Just lost an orange champ boss on a hole between hole 1-15. Was lettin my buddy throw it. If I get it back, cool. If not no worries


Christian Doman    May 5 at 12:37am

Found a nice disc today. Did you lose one? Tell me what you lost, and if you would like it back!

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Christian Doman   May 13 at 10:18pm


Garrett Emenheiser   May 14 at 8:13am

Red mamba?

Christian Doman   May 14 at 1:37pm

sorry, no.

Emilio Vasquez    May 3 at 9:51pm

Lost my putter in the water on 23. Name and number on the bottom. Reward for return, cash or disc.


Miles Lawrence "MMDGC"    May 2 at 4:36pm

Are you looking for a great time for a great cause? Then come out for the 2015 MMDGC Ace Race at Civic Center on May 9th at 11am. Registration is $20 per person and $15 for kids 13 and under. For your entry you will receive Gateways brand new Cheif OS, a perfect putter for short range hyzer shots, and a new Gateway mini. Prizes will be given out for the round winner, worst round, most metal hits, and more. You can register at the link below or contact me and we can meet at a course. This event ... more


Neil Duffey    May 1 at 3:43pm

for ira township disc golf course... WORK DAY!!! NEED SOME HELP!!! May 16th at Ira, the township will have back fill dirt a plenty, mulch and a crew and tools to get some course work done. i intend to fill the low space between hole 3 and hole 4 to eliminate the standing water, and ultimately reducing mosquito breeding. also will need to spread fill dirt near both of hole 6's tee boxes to make a level tee area... I'm wondering if any one might have a water roller they can ... more


Jason Thumber Teachey    April 28 at 10:51am

Left a ce teebird out there yesterday yellow disc no stamp cowbell and number on underside


richard bell    April 27 at 6:50pm

Was there yesterday and there really wasnt that much garbage. Went there today and my god there's garbage everywhere. On every single hole. Even next to the cans that are empty there's garbage. Really good job keeping that park clean golfers. Excellent work.

Douglas Fresh   April 27 at 8:52pm

Something tells me that the golfers littering out there aren't the kind of golfers that post here on the Scene. At Friday night league there wasn't a lot of garbage, but it still wasn't as clean as it should be. Some folks will try to pick up one or two pieces of garbage on each hole ... more

richard bell   April 27 at 9:36pm

Yeah. Me and a buddy cleaned up alittle around tees. Usaully bring a couple smalls bags. Some courses dont have cans like Wagner. .

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   April 28 at 2:34am

what you're describing might be more of the folks who collect bottles and cans. I know that's why they went with the wire cans, so people could see in them instead of dumping a can, that and the vandalism of people writing on the cans. But yeah...there have been some really obnoxious "recreational" players out lately. and I don't mean MA3.

richard bell    April 26 at 1:13pm

Its cool to play up there while leagues are going on or what?

Douglas Fresh   April 26 at 5:56pm

The course is still open when league is playing. Keep in mind that there will be groups of 4 on the majority of the holes after 6pm, so you might want to play the back nine.

richard bell   April 26 at 9:52pm

Yea was up there around 3pmish. Was pretty smooth besides for the random group of 8 or more. Wasnt bad at all.

Brian Schoening    April 26 at 6:43am

Found a disc last night on hole 8 near short tee pad. No markings. Describe the disc and I'll get it back to you.

Mike Burton   April 26 at 8:37am

tie die buzz??

Randall Kaszynski    April 26 at 1:01am

Found a "Gateway Disc Sports" disc on hole 23 with initials "NS-ER-WR" OR "NEWSRR" on underside. State the color and make of the disc so I know it's yours can get it back to you! Blessings.


Connor Hall    April 20 at 7:07pm

I Lost a Double stamped pink Escape around hole 24 on 4/18 please message me if found


John Minicuci    April 19 at 11:50pm

I have an Ace disc from Stony. Hit me up if you lost one...


Josh Cook Broken Oak    April 19 at 5:12pm

Broken Oak Disc Golf presents the Broken Open 2015 at Addison Oaks! One of the best events of the summer! We are well sponsored and will have great players packs and free food from Thee Office Pub! Awesome prizes and raffles too.


Monique C    April 15 at 6:59pm

I lost a white and spiral tie die buzz disc left on hole 23... Please message me if found. I don't live far from the course. Thank you.


Bruce McCallister    April 14 at 5:32pm

Anyone feeling a round tomorrow at 5 pm??

Emilio Vasquez   April 14 at 8:10pm

I can do 6pm

Joshua Ballinger   April 15 at 9:47am

i can bruce

Bruce McCallister   April 15 at 12:16pm

Okay sounds good, my number is 5867644108

Neil Duffey    April 14 at 2:07pm

tournament time! brought to you by Roots Disc Golf.


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