Kensington Metropark

Milford, Michigan     2 courses · 45 holes     Driving directions
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Russ Murer    June 1 at 10:25pm

Lost a Purple Z Nuke between 24's long/short tee pads into the thick brush throwing from 23.


Carl Hall    June 1 at 8:57pm

Lost a blue G Star Boss on hole 27 on the hill somewhere. Cash or plastic reward for safe return. It has my phone number on it.


lyle downing    June 1 at 6:15pm

Lost star boss on right side of hole 12 tbog. Might have made it over to 15s right side of fairway. Forehand hyzered high over the trees. Has 2 aces and barhams name on ot along with my tag. Huge reward for its return.


Chris Booker    May 31 at 8:02pm

Is the tabogon course open Monday?

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Brandon Parks   May 31 at 8:58pm

Me to, hope its open went today watched the last card weather sucked though

Chris Smith   May 31 at 10:46pm

AmNats is next weekend, so baskets should be up until at least June 7th

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   June 1 at 1:57am

open for casual play mon-wed. thursday is closed for competitior practice. closed obviously Fri-Sun. You might get lucky and still have the baskets in that following Mon, but don't count on it. Guaranteed by next tuesday they will be pulled

Josh Timm    May 30 at 6:01pm

Left a Red pop top Destroyer behind on the last hole of the original course. Message me and I can describe the stamp and the ink. Reward for its return!


Chris Laity    May 29 at 10:44pm

I forgot a pink ESP Zone on 18 at toboggan. Name and PDGA name are on it.


Brent Streng    May 29 at 9:57pm

I also found a Discraft Heat on hole 3 at toboggan. No name or number.


Brian Crouch    May 29 at 2:34pm

Does anyone know David Hanson? If so have him hit me up cause I found his disc at the toboggan the other day and his number isn't on it


Brent Streng    May 29 at 11:22am

Found a Wraith on hole 3 at toboggan. Tell me color and plastic and I'll get it back to you.


Jeff "Hep-A-Ler" Hepler    May 29 at 11:00am

Lost a pink star katana right side of toboggan hole 9 near the base of the hill, in the rough. Name, pdga#, and phone number are on the inside rim. I would love to get it back

Nick Oliver   June 1 at 2:13pm

How did you play?

Jay B   June 4 at 3:33pm

Grabbed it off the table today

Trevor "Doppler" Dixon    May 28 at 12:08pm

Found somebody's vape today describe the mod and I'll return it.

Jay B   May 28 at 2:09pm

Was it a gravity battery?

Trevor "Doppler" Dixon   May 29 at 7:43am

It's been returned already. it was a sigeli 150 with a tank

Jay B   May 29 at 7:50am

i was gonna say i think i lost one out there last year, no way it coulda been that one lol

Russ Murer    May 28 at 8:37am

So is the course indeed closed today?

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Chris Booker   May 28 at 11:50am

doesnt it start tomorrow?

steve nolff   May 28 at 12:56pm

Yes, the Pro side of the event starts tommorrow at Toboggan. Today was a designated practice day for competitors. I believe there is a random draw doubles open to anyone at some point today.

Andy D   May 28 at 9:48pm

I thought the doubles were next Thursday?

Ed Stack    May 28 at 8:33am

Found a buzz no name no number tell my color and type of plastic I will get it back to you

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Danny Brooks   June 2 at 1:38pm

Generally, I throw innova, so I'm not too sure about different plastic types for discraft.

carson parm   June 3 at 12:35am

If it was on hole 3 of toboggan, it is green z plastic with a custom stamp of like a nuke symbol it's mine.

Ed Stack   June 4 at 7:52am

Wrong color Carson

Jake Anderson    May 27 at 9:30pm

Left a bottom stamp star boss between 3 and 13 on the uphill in the middle of the monsoon that hit today. Reward for return

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William Freed   May 27 at 11:53pm

Where on the hill? I have to stop out there early tomorrow to find a wizard on 14. I could take a look for ya.

Ed Stack   May 28 at 10:36pm

William what color was your wizard

William Freed   May 29 at 6:17pm

Found my wizard already, thanks!

Jay B    May 26 at 11:51am

What are the details for the dubs? Happening thurs correct? Time?

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Daniel J Lee   May 26 at 3:27pm

Starts at noon

Derek Michalak   May 26 at 3:52pm

The Thursday Dubs i believe is next week, just before AMNATS. Never heard of them doing it just before DGLO.

Andy D    May 22 at 7:38pm

Found a white mid range disc today. It has a particular stamp. Let me know what it is and I'll make sure you get it back.


Ryan Martin    May 18 at 9:40am

Does anyone know if the toboggan course is up yet?

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Andy D   May 21 at 11:42am

I've just started playing again, after a long time off. I can remember back around 2001 or so(fuzzy on the dates) that it was up for way more than a week. I do recall groups of casual players giving up and walking off after two holes...

Ryan Martin   May 21 at 8:09pm

maybe not a month but we always seem to play at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the DGLO

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   May 22 at 10:31am

Maybe some time ago, but now it's never up that long. in fact, one recent year they were pulling baskets as the last card on Sunday for the USDGC was finishing the holes.

Joe Paczwa    May 18 at 12:29am

Found a road runner on 16, let me know if its yours.

Douglas McIntosh   May 18 at 12:30am

Is it champ yellow?

Joe Paczwa   May 20 at 12:01am

Sorry, no.

Patrick Atkins    May 8 at 9:23am

To all my disc golf friends,
I know this isn't specifically course related, but figured it just might be the best place for good input. Have any of you used the Udisc app, or know someone that has? I am trying to decide if it is a good investment and have read reviews from both sides of the coin, and has not given me help one way or the other. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the help,

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Nickolas Sherman   May 8 at 10:30am

i have the paid version and love it, i like the inventory feature where you can take a pic of all your discs and log the flight numbers so you can keep track of all your discs, the throw measuring feature is great too, it's a great app!

Andy D   May 9 at 3:15am

I just installed it...seems like a good tool for me to track my progress as I get back into the game. I might try it out this morning if I'm not too tired. Kensington is on my way home from work, I have three hours left out of a 12 hour overnight shift. I'm just not sure how bad playing a round will screw me up, especially since I'm working a run of 7, 12 hr nights in a row. )

Andy D   May 9 at 3:16am

I'm guessing 0630 should be about the least crowded the course will be on a Saturday, so there's that.

Andy D    May 2 at 12:03am

I'm just starting back up, after 13-14 years off. Was shocked to see the old Tunnel course is gone...was surprised to find pay to play(bought annual tag). I used to come out for Sunday leagues, planning on making it out Sunday. I'm a bit rusty, most all of my plastic is old, I'm afraid to throw some of it after hearing some of the values. - but if anyone is interested in playing a round, I'm in(have been playing solo as none of my friends have played, and I'd like t ... more

Jason Kirkaldy   May 2 at 6:58am

Andy just go to Sunday leagues you will pick it right back up.Jeff Kaluk runs the league. Some of the best players in mi. attend the league.

Sol Brown   May 2 at 4:37pm

Hey man I'm a bit like you. Moved to the U.P. in 2003 and pretty much haven't played regularly since then and found myself in a similar situation with my old discs. I'm getting more and more familiar with what's out there now but I'm very caught up on the values of older ... more

Andy D   May 3 at 8:19am

I'll be at leagues today.....should be a good day.