Hudson Springs Park

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Chase Buckley    July 5 at 9:49pm

Greetings all- I left a orange with blue writing innova star destroyer today on 9. By the time I went back for it someone had picked it up. It's one of my favorite discs. If someone found it, I would really appreciate it if I could get it back. Chase 859-221-4634. Thank you!


Don Thomas    July 4 at 3:06am

Lost a yellow Champion Mamba on 17. I think it went over the creek, but who knows? If found, please LMK. thx!


Mike Hammontree    July 1 at 11:38am

Anyone know if the sleeves added over the weekend were solid enough for the new baskets to be in for Scrams tonight?

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Mike Hammontree   July 1 at 4:48pm

New baskets are IN!

Jon DeCapua   July 1 at 9:28pm

damn and i missed scrams

Mike Hammontree   July 2 at 10:27am

Jon - They were actually only able to get 2/3rds of them in yesterday. They were the front 9, 10, 11 and 18. The remaining six should be in ASAP as well. It's pretty cool pulling and and seeing those new yellow bands all over!

Larry Bright Jr.    June 24 at 5:13pm

pre-registration for the 2014 Trilogy Challenge at Sims Park closes tomorrow!! this event is pre-pay only!! don't miss out!! $30 bucks gets you 3 discs and some other goodies and includes your entry into the tourney!! help support local disc golf, as all proceeds will benefit our local course!!


Jon DeCapua    June 18 at 9:30am

Hudson Parks and Summit DGA will be installing 18 new Innova Discatcher baskets at Hudson Springs Park in the upcoming days.

Please stay clear of freshly dug holes, new sleeves and wet concrete.

If you haven't heard, Hudson Springs is expanding to 27 holes. Nine new championship level holes will be added to the existing back 9 (trust me they are amazing).

A large workday is scheduled for Saturday 6/28 at 10AM to work on the new holes/baskets. Lunch will be provided by the club with a round afterwards.

Kevin Sinko   June 21 at 11:37am

This is great!! love the course just hate getting my discs all rusty lol.

Chue Vue   June 21 at 9:43pm

Was at the Trilogy Challenge at Lincoln today...did the new baskets get put up?

Jon DeCapua   June 22 at 9:30am

not yet, waiting on locks. we will post when they are up and run a "new baskets" tourney

Matthew McAlpine    June 15 at 11:00pm

lost a green star tl on hole 15 in swamp. please contact me if you find it


Larry Bright Jr.    June 13 at 8:41pm

Coming this August to Sims...Sims Summer Slam Scrambles Cash Tourney!! August 10th at Sims with payouts in $$!! 2 Divisions, with proceeds benefiting course improvements!! Details below!!

Jay Kovach   June 13 at 8:57pm


Jon DeCapua    June 12 at 8:28am

also a red mvp mini is in the disc return


Jon DeCapua    June 12 at 8:27am

Found a sidewinder on hole 17 across the creek. if you lost one let me know.


Larry Bright Jr.    June 5 at 10:14pm

less than 3 weeks to register for the Trilogy Challenge at Sims Park in Euclid on July 6th!! info available in the link below, along with online registration!!


Chue Vue    June 5 at 1:48pm

Anybody happen to find an eclipse green proton SkulBoy Volt? Left it behind on hole 16


Jon DeCapua    June 5 at 9:24am

A beat up Pro Boss was returned in the disc return. Let me know if it's yours.


Robert Purdon    June 2 at 12:59pm

My friend lost a red champion Valkyrie on 10 on Saturday in case anyone finds it. His name (Pete Henderson) and number should be on it.

Greg Platt   June 2 at 1:56pm

Yeah,I lost a crystal flx challenger and a flx predator. Didn't lose them just left them. Would love to get them back,but kinda doubt it.

Don Thomas    May 14 at 1:38pm

Lost a green champion Gator with Beauty & the Beast tourney stamp on 12. It rolled into the creek on the hole side of the culvert. I saw it get sucked into the culvert but didn't see it come out the other side. Water's deep due to all the rain over the past few days. Disc has Mike Thomas's name and number on it.

Nick Bacon   May 14 at 2:06pm

I got a blue one with the same stamp if your looking to replace it.

Don Thomas   May 19 at 2:12pm

Thanks Nick, but I found the Gator today! Buried at the bottom in the muck, barely saw the green rim.

Jon DeCapua    May 13 at 10:12am

Scrambles Bumped Back to 6:00PM.

Start time for Hudson Springs DGC Tues Night Scrambles will be pushed back to 6:00 PM starting TODAY 5/13.

Check in is at 5:30 - 5:45!


Larry Bright Jr.    May 4 at 9:29am

Online registration is for the Trilogy Challenge at Sims Park on July 6th is now set up!! Sorry for the delay, but we are good to go now!! Registration will be open through June 30th. Don't miss out on the chance to throw these discs before they are released!!


Don Thomas    April 9 at 2:18pm

Found a disc on 9, no name or number. LMK if you've lost one there.

Cody Dockrill   April 9 at 5:29pm

is it a purple and orange nova ? just checked my bag and its not in there and we finished on 9. lemme know.

Don Thomas   April 9 at 11:16pm

Yep, that's it! I should be at Parma tomorrow or will be at Hudson next Tues.

Cody Dockrill   April 10 at 12:07pm

i'll be at hudson on tuesday. thanks man.

katie meloy    April 2 at 10:31pm

Lost a pearly white-ish star sidewinder in the woods to the left on hole 12, before the creek and the path. It was blending pretty well with the foliage on the ground. Has my name and # am hoping since it's a girly disc I'll get it back. Thanks :)


Don Thomas    March 17 at 2:38pm

Found a disc on 17, no name or number. LMK if you've lost one there.

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Don Thomas   March 19 at 8:19am

No, it isn't a blue Mamba. I'll keep my eye out for it, tho, the next time I play there.

Bill Marshall   March 23 at 4:15pm

Was it a green 175 firebird?

Don Thomas   March 24 at 12:18am

No, sorry. I'll keep my eye out for it, tho!

Jon DeCapua    March 8 at 11:34pm

Left a blue sun king firebird just sitting on hole 9 by the fence. Please let me know if found, would be vert grateful

Steven Smith   March 10 at 8:33pm

I found it. tried calling you and left a message. I ended up not hearing from you so I droped it in the box