Hudson Springs Park

Hudson, Ohio     1 course · 19 holes     Driving directions
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Nick Bacon    6 hours ago

Lost a pink mystic past the tree pile on 16. Still missing a white mystic reward if found.


Isaac Lilly    6 days ago

Today my frien lost his Z Buzzz on hole 17. Beautiful ty markings. Please hit me up if found. Thanks


Jay B    August 12 at 11:12pm

Lost a glow buzzz with a wing foot stamp on it on hole 17 in the river could not see it because the water was to high would greatly enjoy it if it was returned

Nick Bacon   August 13 at 12:56pm

ill keep an eye out as the water level lowers

Jay B   5 days ago

Never mind guys I found it today

Kevin Hitch    August 9 at 4:25pm



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Matthew McAlpine    August 9 at 2:30pm

Left a yellow star mako sitting on 9 near path and fence


Mat Pollard    August 8 at 10:40pm

I lost a yellow MVP Impulse on hole 7. Name and # are on it. Thanks.


Matthew McAlpine    August 8 at 8:44pm

Lost an orange discmania fever on 8. I think it it the big trees. Please hit me up if someone finds it.

Mark Bradbourne   August 8 at 10:23pm

I'll keep an eye out tomorrow when I'm playing in the morning.

Matthew McAlpine   August 8 at 10:41pm


Mark Bradbourne    August 7 at 11:33am

Any early risers? I'm planning on an early round on Saturday morning, 7:30ish.


Nick Bacon    August 6 at 1:52pm

Lost a black gopro strap mount on the course monday. If you come across it please let me know.

Andrew Penlington   August 6 at 2:00pm

I think I saw it on hole 16

Andrew Penlington   August 6 at 2:01pm

But I didn't know what it was

Larry Bright Jr.    August 5 at 12:53pm

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Rich Sveda Jr    July 29 at 10:24pm

Lost a orange 12x teebird somewhwere out there Tuesday the 29th at scrambles. Name and number on it. She's got a reward on her too!

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Rich Sveda Jr   July 30 at 12:25am

i have no clue, walked the course once after. i dont even think i threw it, probably just left it laying.

Don Thomas   July 30 at 1:27pm

Unless you went safari with it, I didn't see it around when I played today. I'll keep my eyes open for it, tho!

Rich Sveda Jr   July 30 at 3:16pm

thanks guys, think im headedto play it again......again

Robert Purdon    July 26 at 2:01pm

I left a bright green Innova Star Wraith on the course this morning. Can't recall exactly where, but it was at some point during or after hole 12. I'd love to get it back as that one in particular has been a go-to disc for me. Robert, 440-213-0541

Jon DeCapua   July 28 at 8:16am

if your name is on it and someone drops it in the disc return i'll give you a call

Robert Purdon   July 28 at 1:51pm

Thanks Jon. Sad thing is I can't even remember if I got around to putting my name on that one as it was pretty new. Ah well, Innova gets more $, lol.

Kevin Hitch    July 22 at 7:40pm


Always a good time and an unbelievable value. See this year's package and register online ASAP!


Larry Bright Jr.    July 20 at 7:59pm

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Matt O    July 20 at 12:20pm

Pretty sure I left my orange 11x Eagle somewhere at the course last Sunday. Stamp is pretty much gone my name is on the inside of the rim. Would definitely hook up whoever returns it to me with an equally nice disc. Thanks!


Mark Bradbourne    July 19 at 7:59pm

I'm planning on playing here tomorrow morning, is there any issues after rain, should I avoid it an pick a different day?

Bill Marshall   July 19 at 8:13pm

Its always a little windy there, but as long as you stay out of the creek that runs along holes 12 and 17 after a heavy rain, you should be ok. It might be a little muddy, but no more so than a wet course anywhere else

Andrew Penlington   July 19 at 8:44pm

We actually didn't get a lot of rain today just at night and the course dries fairly quickly but the creek fills up fast you should be fine

Mark Bradbourne   July 19 at 10:43pm

Awesome, thanks guys!

Cup Cake    July 17 at 11:36pm

Thank you to the three guys who stopped to help me get a disc out of the tree on hole #9, was out with a friend and it was getting dark so I REALLY appreciate the time you guys took to help us get it down... if you are on here and you are reading. LOL

Since I'm here, Pun's Labyrinth is right around the corner! If you haven't registered please do and let us know if you need camping!!!


Nick Bacon    July 15 at 8:46pm

Lost a white gateway mystic on 3 and a green zone on 17 both say bacon in the rim. Small reward for return.


Chase Buckley    July 5 at 9:49pm

Greetings all- I left a orange with blue writing innova star destroyer today on 9. By the time I went back for it someone had picked it up. It's one of my favorite discs. If someone found it, I would really appreciate it if I could get it back. Chase 859-221-4634. Thank you!


Don Thomas    July 4 at 3:06am

Lost a yellow Champion Mamba on 17. I think it went over the creek, but who knows? If found, please LMK. thx!