Hudson Springs Park

Hudson, Ohio     1 course · 19 holes     Driving directions
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Larry Bright Jr.    February 11 at 6:22am

registration is officially open for the vibram birdie bash as sims on 4/19/15!! this event is prepay only, as you need to choose your discs and shirt size. registration is only open through 4/13/15, so don't miss out!! this year, they have a birdie bash championship that each event winner qualifies for. this event is up in kalamazoo, and will be played the weekend before the AM Worlds on a course that will be used for that tourney!! $30 gets you your discs and some other cools stuff. check out for more info!!


eric centanni    January 31 at 9:45pm

New tee signs will be up by the FFFCT event in march

Team Jenkins   February 2 at 11:15am


Cody Dockrill    January 24 at 4:50pm

Left a jk pro aviar on 9 today. My info is on it. Would be much appreciated if returned.

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Nick Bacon   January 25 at 12:53am

Cody you leave it in the basket or what? I can try to go look tomorrow.

Cody Dockrill   January 25 at 6:49am

pretty sure i missed the putt hah so on the ground near it. havent thrown it yet, looks & feels sweet though.

Frank Lyons   January 25 at 6:22pm

It's a long shot but lost a blue trespass on 12. no name.

Todd Mittlestead    January 17 at 2:02pm

Lost a Red DX Destroyer in the snow on 15 in the snow on the left & A black featherlight on the right side of 16


dan panfil    January 16 at 2:08pm

Lost favorite hatchet in snow on 9's fairway will PayPal shipping if someone locates and is will to ship. Thanks

eric centanni   January 31 at 9:42pm

i found it. can meet up any Saturday scramby.

Larry Bright Jr.    November 29 at 9:57am

1 week from today at sims!! $$$ tourney with 2 rounds of 20!! details below!!


Larry Bright Jr.    November 11 at 1:01pm

don't miss out!! 12/6/14 cash singles tournament at sims!! details by following the link below!!


Ryan Lynch    November 3 at 1:09pm

Just wondering if there are any regular play groups in Hudson on Sunday morning's this fall? I would be very interested to play if there is a regular group play...

Cody Dockrill   November 3 at 1:46pm

scramble every saturday at 2

Justin Pecek    October 27 at 2:55pm

Just wondering how do you calculate the score for this course? When tournaments are played here do you guys use the score card or all par 3's? Whats the length on 18 and is it a par 4 or 5? Went by the score card and it says I was under par by three strokes but on here its different. Wondering if any one could give me some info?

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Robert Purdon   October 27 at 8:22pm

I've just gone by how the holes are marked onsite, which makes them all 3's aside from 18 which is a 4.

Justin Pecek   October 27 at 9:17pm

I play here alot is there a league that starts up in the winter?

Nick Bacon   October 28 at 8:22am

saturday doubles with a and b players. I believe it starts at 2pm. look up summit disc golf club on here.

Chris Gillis    October 25 at 12:10pm

My buddy just lost a white DX Wraith somehwere in the fairway on 16. Hit me up if found. We live out in Pittsburgh

Nick Bacon   October 25 at 2:03pm

how long will you be in hudson? I haven't played there in awhile but I may have some old extra dx wraiths id part with

Mason Hults   October 25 at 3:48pm

Just found it. Call 3306978987

big skinny    September 20 at 9:17pm

my boy jacob found a new leopard back 9, 15 i think, ob in swampy duckweed on right,he put in dropbox. name and # on it


Cody Dockrill    September 8 at 3:21pm

may or may not have lost my phone here on Saturday if anyone has come across one?


Don Thomas    September 5 at 2:20pm

I found a disc on hole 17 today, no name or number. LMK if you've lost something.

Isaac Lilly   September 8 at 2:53pm

tye dye buzz? my buddy lost it on 17 about a month ago.

Don Thomas   September 8 at 8:15pm

No, sorry, didn't find that one. I'll keep my eyes open for it, tho.

Isaac Lilly   September 9 at 3:18pm


Pat Jackson    September 5 at 12:17am

Lost my yellow Star Katana on 15 after it hit a tree and shot left about halfway down the fairway. It was my favorite disc, will trade a a different disc for it if found.

Don Thomas   September 5 at 2:17pm

Found it. You ever come up to Hudson scrambles on Tues?

Pat Jackson   September 8 at 10:18pm

I don't typically but I'm free tomorrow night, what time does it start?

Don Thomas   September 9 at 1:44pm

6pm, I'd show up early in case we start early.

Nick Bacon    August 20 at 7:54pm

Lost a pink mystic past the tree pile on 16. Still missing a white mystic reward if found.


Isaac Lilly    August 14 at 10:07pm

Today my frien lost his Z Buzzz on hole 17. Beautiful ty markings. Please hit me up if found. Thanks


Jay B    August 12 at 11:12pm

Lost a glow buzzz with a wing foot stamp on it on hole 17 in the river could not see it because the water was to high would greatly enjoy it if it was returned

Nick Bacon   August 13 at 12:56pm

ill keep an eye out as the water level lowers

Jay B   August 15 at 11:04pm

Never mind guys I found it today

Kevin Hitch    August 9 at 4:25pm

Always a good time and an unbelievable value. Side contests for cash also available. See this year's package and register online ASAP!


Matthew McAlpine    August 9 at 2:30pm

Left a yellow star mako sitting on 9 near path and fence


Mat Pollard    August 8 at 10:40pm

I lost a yellow MVP Impulse on hole 7. Name and # are on it. Thanks.