Fallasburg Park

Lowell, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Conner Brogan    April 17 at 4:39pm

Found a disc on hole 13. No name or number on it, so if you can tell me the make and color, it's yours.


Tyler Miller    April 10 at 12:57pm

Anyone know what the conditions are like after all that rain? Play a round in tennis shoes without soaking feet?

Fred Vocino   April 10 at 1:04pm

Generally, the ground there is sandy. Pooling occurs in low spots in 3rd quarter of the course.

Mike Durco   April 10 at 5:56pm

It should be pretty dry actually. THe course drains really fast and like Fred said the ground is mostly sand. You don't have to worry about it being muddy. And there are only a few spots where water gathers. It pretty much gets soaked up and fitlers to the river.

Tyler Miller   April 11 at 3:21am

Awesome guys, just what I was hoping to hear!

Fred Vocino    April 4 at 8:49pm

Now that more has been cleared off the fairway on 16, there is a new watch-word: stump. Lift your feet.:-)


Fred Vocino    April 4 at 10:56am

Today looks like the only day before April Anhyzer that I can do some more cutting on hole #16. I plan to get there around 2p. With such short notice I would be glad to have folks grab a branch as they play through to #17.

Randy "Shide-arm" Shideler   April 4 at 8:29pm

Sorry we didn't help out, Fred. We do appreciate your efforts.

Fred Vocino   April 4 at 8:42pm

Spur of the moment is no way to plan a group effort. I'll try to give folks some notice the next time. thanks

Dave Davies   April 4 at 10:48pm

Great work out there Fred, it was looking good!!! This guy wouldn't even take the $5 I tried giving him to buy some beers after all his hard work!!!

Mike Durco    March 30 at 5:46pm

Hole #14 is back in it's regular placement straight ahead on the ridge.

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Eric Austin   May 8 at 3:05pm

I'm so sick of rolling down that hill on upshots lol

Mike Durco   May 9 at 1:01am

Oh yeah.. I know me too!!! Bret and I were talking.... We need to do something about that like line the right side and back with railroad ties or 4x4s and put sand, gravel and woodchips down inside that area. That would fix the good upshot gone bad issue and prevent erosion.

Eric Austin   June 14 at 9:57pm

I'm all for it brother. fortify the back of that hill and level it out and I think it improves ten fold. I'm scared to putt from 15' out because I could end up 60' out lol

Amy Markel    March 20 at 7:42pm

FRDGA summer league starts on Monday April 6th.


Jerrid Warner    March 18 at 9:32am

I think I may have left a pink fuse out there. Not quite sure what hole. Think back 9 for sure.

Chris Lozen   March 18 at 9:40am

I'm headed out there in a little bit. I'll keep an eye out for it.

Jerrid Warner   April 10 at 4:45pm

Thanks. Haven't heard from anyone though

Chris Lozen   April 12 at 7:04pm

i didn't see it out there. hopefully someone does the right thing and calls

Joel Trout    March 15 at 3:01am

I lost a rancho bright pink dx roc with blue tornament stamp on it as well as a new 175 red skeeter with a shiny gold stamp and a yellow max weight champ boss with Bruce lees classic side face shot dye job. Thank you.

Tyler Miller   March 15 at 3:20am

I'll keep a look out tomorrow. What are the course conditions? Sloppy, snowy?

Chris Lozen   March 15 at 11:40am

the snow's mostly melted down out there. it's more wet and mud with a little snow.

Tyler Miller   March 15 at 2:33pm

No sight of discs. Happy with the conditions though

Tyler Miller    March 15 at 1:01am

What are the course conditions like out here currently?

Dave Nyhuis   March 15 at 10:47am

Fairways can be slick with the combination of ice continuing to melt & mud. It is playable but bring a towel or two. If you're planning on playing today, it'll have to be later. Winter league starts at noon.

Tyler Miller   March 15 at 2:32pm

I'm in winter league. Course was great compared to what it's been!! Thanks!

Chris Lozen    March 14 at 11:07pm

My buddy left a blue star teebird with my name on it and a big Z nuke out here yesterday. If you come across them, let me know. Thanks!

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Tyler Miller   March 15 at 2:33pm

Didn't find it!

Chris Lozen   March 15 at 4:41pm

thanks for keeping your eyes peeled

Eric Austin   March 21 at 10:37am

Chris, PM me

Dave Nyhuis    March 14 at 5:17pm

Found a disc on hole 12, right side of the fairway. It's a pretty unique disc so if you can describe it, I'll get it back to you!

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Michele Combs   March 14 at 11:45pm

If it's a pink dd2 blizzard it belongs to us.

Dave Nyhuis   March 15 at 10:48am

Sorry guys, it isn't any of those discs!

Michele Combs   March 15 at 4:21pm


Dave Nyhuis    March 7 at 1:43pm

Lost an orange champion eagle w/ gold stamp on hole 12. Lost it in the snow on the left side of the fairway.


Dave Nyhuis    February 28 at 1:29pm

Lost a Discraft fly dye Avenger SS on hole 10 this morning. Lost it in the snow on the hill on the right side of the fairway. It's red & green, with pink & yellow in the middle! I'd love to get it back!


Andrea Lange    January 19 at 8:58am

Lost my favorite disc on 7. Blue GStar Destroyer. Went off to the right from the men's tee. Has my name and phone number on it. 6-pack of choice to the individual that returns it to me. Thanks, everyone!


Cody Taplin    December 22 at 8:53am

Also lost an echo star destroyer on 18 in the fairway on Friday, orange with a faded stamp. Favorite disc so 20$ reward


Cody Taplin    December 20 at 9:14am

Lost disc on hole 11, 30-50 ft from the teepad on left. Translucent champion ape pink. If you find it and feel like being nice, Hit me up!


Ryan Hart    December 7 at 8:16am

Couldn't believe it had a great day out there yesterday, had an incredible shot on hole 2. I was shooting out of trees pretty much blindfolded, threw it about 30 to 40 yards and it came in sideways hit a branch and straight in. My second make in two shots this year. Then I also found my Orange Stan Marino disc, that had been out there for almost two months. Very good time!

Randy Shreve   December 8 at 1:44pm

congrats on the shot and for finding your disc.

Ryan Hart   December 11 at 4:45pm

Thank you, Randy.

Nick Kohn    November 23 at 6:22pm

Lost my ecig at league last week. Beacon mech mod. Chances are slim but if you happens to find it let me know!


John Bauer    November 13 at 9:08pm

FOUND DISCRAFT WATER BOTTLE ON HOLE 18. Im thinking someone from the winter league dropped it by accident If any idea whos it is contact me so it can get back to its owner.


Fred Vocino    November 5 at 6:09pm

Found: MPV Ion putter on tee 14. Called the number (no name) and will wait to see the name here next. My next visit to Fallasburg may not be till March. I'll save the pretty thing and let you know when I start-up in spring. If you need it sooner try the number on my profile.