Fallasburg Park

Lowell, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Chris Lozen    March 14 at 11:07pm

My buddy left a blue star teebird with my name on it and a big Z nuke out here yesterday. If you come across them, let me know. Thanks!

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Tyler Miller   March 15 at 2:33pm

Didn't find it!

Chris Lozen   March 15 at 4:41pm

thanks for keeping your eyes peeled

Eric Austin   March 21 at 10:37am

Chris, PM me

Dave Nyhuis    March 14 at 5:17pm

Found a disc on hole 12, right side of the fairway. It's a pretty unique disc so if you can describe it, I'll get it back to you!

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Michele Combs   March 14 at 11:45pm

If it's a pink dd2 blizzard it belongs to us.

Dave Nyhuis   March 15 at 10:48am

Sorry guys, it isn't any of those discs!

Michele Combs   March 15 at 4:21pm


Dave Nyhuis    March 7 at 1:43pm

Lost an orange champion eagle w/ gold stamp on hole 12. Lost it in the snow on the left side of the fairway.


Dave Nyhuis    February 28 at 1:29pm

Lost a Discraft fly dye Avenger SS on hole 10 this morning. Lost it in the snow on the hill on the right side of the fairway. It's red & green, with pink & yellow in the middle! I'd love to get it back!


Andrea Lange    January 19 at 8:58am

Lost my favorite disc on 7. Blue GStar Destroyer. Went off to the right from the men's tee. Has my name and phone number on it. 6-pack of choice to the individual that returns it to me. Thanks, everyone!


Cody Taplin    December 22 at 8:53am

Also lost an echo star destroyer on 18 in the fairway on Friday, orange with a faded stamp. Favorite disc so 20$ reward


Cody Taplin    December 20 at 9:14am

Lost disc on hole 11, 30-50 ft from the teepad on left. Translucent champion ape pink. If you find it and feel like being nice, Hit me up!


Ryan Hart    December 7 at 8:16am

Couldn't believe it had a great day out there yesterday, had an incredible shot on hole 2. I was shooting out of trees pretty much blindfolded, threw it about 30 to 40 yards and it came in sideways hit a branch and straight in. My second make in two shots this year. Then I also found my Orange Stan Marino disc, that had been out there for almost two months. Very good time!

Randy Shreve   December 8 at 1:44pm

congrats on the shot and for finding your disc.

Ryan Hart   December 11 at 4:45pm

Thank you, Randy.

Nick Kohn    November 23 at 6:22pm

Lost my ecig at league last week. Beacon mech mod. Chances are slim but if you happens to find it let me know!


John Bauer    November 13 at 9:08pm

FOUND DISCRAFT WATER BOTTLE ON HOLE 18. Im thinking someone from the winter league dropped it by accident If any idea whos it is contact me so it can get back to its owner.


Fred Vocino    November 5 at 6:09pm

Found: MPV Ion putter on tee 14. Called the number (no name) and will wait to see the name here next. My next visit to Fallasburg may not be till March. I'll save the pretty thing and let you know when I start-up in spring. If you need it sooner try the number on my profile.


Fred Vocino    November 5 at 6:01pm

Kudos to the heroes who raked the fairways. Only my bad drives hit the leaves. Quite the service to the discgolf community!


Andrea Lange    October 30 at 12:36pm

Lost a pink champion blizzard wraith on 4. Damn leaves!!! Think it was about half way down either in the fairway or slightly right. Beer of choice and a giant hug for the individual who returns it. She's my favey!

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Andrea Lange   October 31 at 5:44pm

Tomorrow? How do I get in on this action?

John Bauer   November 1 at 6:20pm

I didnt come across it at the tournament today, But how do you get into tournaments?

Dave Nyhuis   November 3 at 10:59am

Tournaments are listed on course pages, as well as the tournament tab at the top of the main page.

Dorcey Crank    October 11 at 7:34pm

Lost a yellow avair yeti pro at the practice basket. There's a craft brew for the guy that gets it back to me


Amy Markel    October 11 at 6:25pm

Hole 14's basket is in the lower position.

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Fred Vocino   October 12 at 10:18am

Some will enjoy the change. Thanks for the effort.

adam bell   October 13 at 5:37am

Xadam bell just now We need to move it. When I chose that pin location it wasn't in the middle of the river. Our foot traffic created the water runoff so I moved it up on the hill. I understand that its dangerous during the winter so we should find a location that works year round or move the lower left or right 20-50' out of the path if the Water.

Fred Vocino   October 13 at 10:00am

A third way may be the answer. With that terrain, a no-hill / no-water spot will be a challenge. If you set something up to change the design/pin location, I can bring my chainsaw and help.

M Brockmyre    October 8 at 3:45pm

Hey, Fred, we have 3 mgms at Fright Night in Saugatuck. Hope you can make it 4!

Fred Vocino   October 9 at 9:59am

Night play is trouble...but the effort in Benton Harbor looks worthwhile. I'll try that one. Thanks.

M Brockmyre    October 8 at 3:39pm

G&Gs! don't forget the Temporary Insanity tournament in Benton Harbor on 19th. The tourney page says that if 50 people attend, the cities will install a permanent course in Benton Harbor and St. Joseph! Sweet! Get the word out! Two new courses!


Fred Vocino    September 28 at 10:18am

Hole#16 had a modest change in the tangled plants to the right about 200'. That space has some preserved native species. Olive stumps remain for the time being. The progress represents about 6 hours (1 person) with chainsaw. Guage future efforts as 5 return visits by 1 person with chainsaw. 2 visits by 4 or more persons should get #16 into "garden" status.

Fred Vocino   September 28 at 7:34pm

The LEFT is the side that got trimmed. My next offer will be aimed at the right bank.

Eric Austin   October 4 at 4:48pm

I'm definitely on board with the adopt a hole idea. I'll be checking out the work you did on 16 tomorrow at FRDGA winter leagues. Appreciate the effort, and my apologies if any of our previous correspondance was out of line.

Fred Vocino   October 7 at 5:06pm

Loyalty to your league and course was a natural part of your reaction to my comments. Apologies are unnecessary in these cases where we have shared interests but an imperfect way to meet objectives. A few more years of improvements should give us even more to say about the course when we travel far. Detroit on Sunday was the last time I recommended Fallasburg to folks curious about West-Mi.

Fred Vocino    September 22 at 12:33pm

Saturday Sept. 27 at 10am at Fallasburg - Hole #16 will be having a cutting to remove Russian Olive bushes and otherwise improve the design and flow of areas off the fareway. Some of the plants are already tagged for removal. Others will be taken if dead/fallen or hazards that are irrelevant to the flight paths. Volunteers are welcome. A chain saw and other implements will be there. However, more tools and removal containers may be useful.

Kyle Austin   September 22 at 1:01pm

Saw the tags this weekend. Who's organizing this?

Fred Vocino   September 23 at 10:23am

M.Durco, B.Good, and A.Markel were contacted. I was then asked to concentrate on Olives, including those on #16. My tags ran out, so the work my be partly represented. If what you saw tagged does not look corrrect, you could advise me of that. I am set to go at it on Sat., even on my own.

Andrea Lange    September 2 at 12:24am

To the ladies that found my car key..... THANK YOU!!! I so badly want to thank you in person because you girls seriously saved my ass. (It was not one of my proudest moments.) I owe everyone that helped us out that day (including the brunette that graciously handed over her Powerade) a huge thank you! You guys are good people. Thanks a ton!!!!!!