Deerfield Park

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Ryan Vorpagel    September 28 at 8:05pm

Lost a blue gstar rhyno with a custom stamp on hole 9 in the right side of the woods. Has my name and number on it, just got to dark to find. I would love to have it back!


Chase Holzschuh    September 27 at 8:17pm

there is a red Freedom in the pond on Wildwood 18. Would love to see it again.


Chris Blackhurst    September 26 at 1:28pm

Disc golf bag was stolen. All discs have my name and number on inside rim

Craig Clingan   September 26 at 9:25pm

Sorry to hear that, Chris. We'll definitely keep an eye out for your discs around here. Where were you when they took it?

Chris Blackhurst   September 26 at 9:29pm

It was at my house in midland a couple days ago. So by now they could truly be anywhere

Alisha Grace    September 21 at 7:04pm

Lost my yellow blizzard katana on Deerfield 3 today. Hit the pear tree by the short pad and just vanished. Would really appreciate it back. It's my baby. Name and number should be on it.

Jay Serratos   September 21 at 8:37pm

Is this the yellow blizzard katana I gave you at states? :)

Alisha Grace   September 21 at 9:10pm

No, it's one I've had since like April. I'm real sad about it.

Jay Serratos   September 21 at 10:12pm

Awe I hope it returns to you :)

Alisha Grace    September 19 at 8:44pm

Found a disc on wildwood 17 today. Name it and I'll get it back to you.

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Alisha Grace   September 20 at 8:57am

Nope. Sorry

Matthew Wilson   September 29 at 5:47pm

Bright yellow stalker, with my name on the back and number

Alisha Grace   September 29 at 9:36pm

Now, sorry. If there was a name I would have called it. Hope you find it soon!

Sean Halloran    September 11 at 6:15pm

Lost a gold Gstar Roc3 on whichever hole is the long 470footer. Threw from the short tee, disc should be on the left and deep. Name and number is on it

Spencer Gee   September 11 at 6:42pm

Clay MacGillvary will be getting ahold of you.

Craig Clingan   September 11 at 8:49pm

Nice job, guys!

Spencer Gee    September 6 at 8:48pm

My buddy Clay McGillvary lost a yellow aviar on hole 2 of deerfield. Name and number should be on the back!

Clay McGillvary   September 6 at 9:51pm

Would love to get it back, was my first "real" putter. The ink might be kind of hard to read so if the number isn't clear someone can get ahold of me on this post!

Spencer Gee    September 1 at 1:10pm

Could anyone tell me what time leagues start tonight/details?

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Michael Wagner   September 4 at 8:54pm

awesome to know just moved to Perrinton :))

Craig Clingan   September 4 at 9:09pm

Saturday's at noon too!

Michael Wagner   September 4 at 9:19pm


Clay McGillvary    September 1 at 9:13am

Found a white disc on the side of Deerfield hole 7 just a bit into the brush and up near the path heading to 8 tee pads. If you can describe it, I'm more than willing to meet up sometime when I'm headed out to the park and see its safe return.


Craig Clingan    August 19 at 8:48pm

To Marcus, who just drove to my house with all my money and ID's/Credit Cards that had fallen out of my pocket (that has a pretty good sized hole in it) at Deerfield Park, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I definitely owe you a disc or two, so please look me up the next time you see my car out at the park. The world needs more honest people like you. Thanks again!

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Eric Francis   August 20 at 8:10am

3 cheers for Marcus ud83cudf89ud83cudf89ud83cudf89 that way better then getting a disc back.

Jim Knudson   August 20 at 4:14pm

Very cool!!

- Buckwheat   August 20 at 8:13pm


Joe Wingett    August 13 at 11:04pm

Are the courses cart friendly? Taking a trip soon...

Craig Clingan   August 14 at 8:41am

Yes they are. There is some elevation but it's not bad with a cart.

Eric Nartker    August 9 at 6:10pm

Lost my red/white F7 on 13, went WAY left, may even be closer to 12s fairway just around the turn. If found, please call the number on it, running out of undwrstable drivers out here :(

Eric Nartker   August 9 at 6:10pm


Ron Hebert   August 17 at 2:19pm

That sounds like the Prodigy I found and turned in at the gate. Did you get it back?

Ron Hebert   August 17 at 2:21pm

BTW Eric. My wife lost her Blue Leopard from the short tee. It barely went left and we couldn't find it just when the taller bushes end. That is where your disc was. Not that far left at all. And was even playable

Graham Jackson    August 4 at 7:57pm

Lost a White Wraith on hole 17 today, threw it into the woods just past the clearing on the right. Looked around for 20-30 minutes and couldn't find it, was a nice sunny day so it was hard to look up into the trees and bushes and look for it.Has my last name and number on it, if found please call the number! Thanks!

Craig Clingan   August 4 at 9:58pm

I assume this was on Wildwood 17?

Graham Jackson   August 4 at 10:50pm

Yes, it was.

Curtis Earl    August 4 at 8:17am

Hole 14, the water hazard, threw my Flick into the shrubs lining the water on the left. I looked all through but couldn't find it. Has my name on it but, not my phone number. If anyone finds it by chance, please let me know. Thanks.


TJ Wilson    July 25 at 10:08am

Left a yellow nuke on wildwood 13 yesterday. Head wind caught it and turned it over off the right of the fairway into the thick stuff out by the road. Would greatly appreciate getting it back.

DJ Metzer   July 26 at 11:16am


TJ Wilson   July 26 at 10:19pm

i know. 2 nukes in 3 days. Rough out there lately

Ryan Klootwyk    July 24 at 4:14pm

Hello all,

To any current CMU students....I am starting a CMU Disc Golf Club Team and am looking for interested players! It will be a registered student organization and I would like to create a fun and competitive landscape for all. Hopefully we can make this group become on par with the already established universities in the sport including Western Mich., Michigan State, and 2015 National Champions Ferris State. I know there is a lot of talent in the state and I want to put that on display for our Chippewas. Feel free to message me if interested, all are welcome.


Chad Randolph    July 14 at 6:21pm

Lost a Ti Flx Meteor, orange/redish on hole 13. back right passed the basket in the thick brush. just took the right line to not hit a tree and found its way back there. would love to get that back. If found reward for sure! Thanks


Clay McGillvary    July 14 at 3:24pm

Lost a white dx Teebird in the brush on the right side of number 3 Deerfield. Threw from regular tees and I believe it ended up roughly in line with the short tees but off to the right further in that foliage somewhere. Has no ink or info on it but I'd be willing to trade something for its return.

Alisha Grace   July 14 at 3:49pm

We have doubles league tonight, will take a look for it when we pass by #3

Craig Clingan    July 11 at 3:36pm

Found a yellow disc on Deerfield 18 today. Describe it and it's yours (unless you were there...Alisha! ;) )

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Alisha Grace   July 12 at 8:50am

No to both of those. Sorry guys.

Amanda J   August 14 at 5:49pm

Was it a Leopard? Mine has my name and number on it though.

Craig Clingan   August 15 at 12:45am

No, Amanda. Sorry.

Mariah Butzin    July 8 at 7:44pm

Lost a colorful light weight nuke somewere on deerfield. No number on it. Like to get back if someone finds it thanks.