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Steve Moore    September 19 at 9:25pm

So is there no one from CCDG willing to answer up to simple question being asked for the good of us all? What is, if there is one, the plan for repair and upkeep of which local courses, regarding fixing needed items, finishing what needs to be finished, and getting courses in shape for this winter coming fast? I do not understand why some much problem on this topic when it concerns all of us that play the sport. Time to work together and grow the group and get things done, not work againest each other as it seems to be now. Thank you.


Brandon Zastoupil    August 26 at 4:48pm

Lost a champ Valkyrie on 17 to the left in the field or ditch it has a captain america dye. Get it back to me or toss it in the drop off box

Silas Prince   August 26 at 5:13pm

Or else!!!!

Rick Saffeels   August 26 at 6:39pm

Didn't see it :( which ditch? Left of basket?

Brandon Zastoupil   August 26 at 11:51pm

haha i guess writing from my phone makes me sound demanding. haha yeah left of basket over the road. short of the basket

brent kress    August 24 at 3:20pm

Anyone be at cascade today around 3 wanna play a round or two, be Great to disc with some peeps


Silas Prince    August 15 at 5:44pm

Anyone interested in a casual round or two tonight? 5-dark is when I'll be hukin.

ROGUE RIDER   August 17 at 3:11am

dam just seen this...

ROGUE RIDER   August 17 at 3:11am

id huk with ya anytime bud, day or night...

Mike Wilson    July 1 at 4:45pm

My kid lost his pink DD2 deep behind H9, name/number on it. Would appreciate a call if found.


Brittany "Honey B" Hutchens    June 25 at 10:07pm

Lost my orange rainbow stamp Valkyrie. Disc means a lot to me. My number is on it. If anyone finds it please get ahold of me.

Lucky .   June 25 at 10:30pm


Doug Morgan    June 25 at 9:54pm

I lost a orange (gold) Bolt on 5. I don't know how since its mostly field.

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Mike Wilson   June 26 at 12:00am

Then I have his R Pro Wraith he lost at Wheatland.

brian g   June 26 at 12:41am

r pro driver?! do him a favor and throw it back in the bushes! J/K

Doug Morgan   June 26 at 10:32am

lol, Brians a comedian. i would like to get that back mike, feel free to call or text me and we can meet up somewhere. Doug

Brandon Zastoupil    June 24 at 9:47pm

Lost my thief in the building on 4. If someone finds it get at me


Steven Winslow    June 19 at 2:57pm

Left an orange C-Line PD2 on 12 yesterday. Was gone when I figured it out. Has my name, number, and a Huk Lab TriFly on it.


Steven Winslow    June 6 at 4:28pm

Starting on 16 June 2014, you'll have an option to pay $1 extra on your buy-in for Monday Night Handicap League and have your round PDGA rated!

There will be no other change to payouts or buy-ins. PDGA round rating is $1 per person per round. PDGA round rating is completely optional.

More info on PDGA Leagues @

Results will be posted @


Mark McKeever    May 24 at 9:40pm

Kim p. My grandson found your glow leopard today, He called and left you a mess.

Kim P   May 24 at 9:54pm

oh that is awesome! i didnt get a message, so just to make sure its the correct number, it should be 503-269-7241. Thank you!!

Kim P    May 22 at 9:15pm

Never got around to posting about it when it happened, but about 2 weeks ago I lost a 2013 bag tag championship glow leopard in the blackberry bushes to the left of 17. Looked for it a bit, but looked like it went deep. Has name and number on it, would love the off chance of getting it back if anyone else has to go hacking out there.


Brandon Zastoupil    May 22 at 9:09pm

I lost my Purple MVP Volt on #16 to the left into the bushes or the trench, looked for 20 minutes and couldn't find it. It's still a new disc but has my name and number on it, if someone finds it I will give them a Z Stalker as a reward. Thanks and Please Call

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Brandon Zastoupil   May 22 at 11:27pm

Thanks man, i'm gonna go out tomorrow morning and look for it again with fresh eyes and low temperatures.

Rick Saffeels   May 23 at 2:39am

Ps just saw this and your profile pic and thought you would maybe laugh

Brandon Zastoupil   May 23 at 3:09pm

went out and checked again and looked for about 30 minutes, but no dice, Hopefully I get called, Cascade is iffy about getting discs back

Marcus Hughes    May 22 at 12:30am

Lost my pink Discraft XL the other day in the bushes to the right of hole #7's fairway. Please let me know if you find it, my number is on it. Also, I left a yellow Innova Champion Valkyrie on the fairway of hole #4 a few months back. Please let me know if you have it and just forgot to call. =)


Daneger Jones    May 19 at 11:42pm

Just lost my blue dirty dozen metal flake destroyer. I left it on the right of thirteen near fourteens pad. Went back for it and someone already scooped it up. Im hoping someone from league grabbed it but It never came up.

Daneger Jones   May 19 at 11:43pm

name and number is on it.

Jeff "MaxPsych" Heltsley    May 9 at 5:36pm

Had an orange Stingray go into the building corner of the lake by basket on 4th hole. My name is on the disc. Does anyone know who has access to the building?

Mark McKeever   May 9 at 5:58pm

Try the city of salem or the local homeless people, Mark

Jennie Cartwright    May 9 at 5:12pm

Dallas CTPalooza! will be a 1 day, singles event with 2 rounds of disc golf at Dallas City Park on Sunday, June 1st. This tournament will feature a 20 hole layout with CTP or Longest Putt awards on every hole. Cost: $15. Trophies and limited cash payout will be awarded to the top 2-3 finishers in each division (Advanced, Intermediate, Masters, Women). More details to come.


Brandon Zastoupil    April 29 at 11:35pm

I was just wondering if these are correct the correct distances?

Java Joe   April 29 at 11:40pm

the only questionable hole is hole 5 but I think this is correct in the long placement.

Brandon Zastoupil   April 30 at 12:06am

Yeah that's the one I was questioning too but you can click the + to show the other placements and seemed correct. Thanks

Chris Sharp    April 26 at 6:14pm

Lost a Champion Monarch today. It has a crappy dye job and is red with a blue wide are down the middle. It is my profile pic right now. It was lost in the bushes off of hole 7. I know the dye job is crappy, but it was my 1st time trying to dye something so I have a weird attachment to it. If found please message me. Stupid me, I didn't have my name or phone number on it. Thanks


Lucky .    April 18 at 1:35am

Left a red Gstar wraith and a blue glow verdict at cascade today. Got a treat for whoever returns them to me.

Paul Compton-PortlandMobileDiscLab   April 18 at 2:10am

Crap, hope you get that Verdict back, those are collectable already.

Lucky .   April 18 at 10:02am

Eh. I still got another brand new one.

ROGUE RIDER   April 18 at 11:44am


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