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Brian Center    5 days ago

Headed here to play 18 holes. Come join me


Paul Edwards    January 31 at 10:31pm

My son guy lost 2 discs in the water behind hole 2 a purple mace with name and phone number
And a blue sheild i dont belive he put his number in that one.
If you find them i will give you a reward. Please deop them off at Tiger.
Thank you

Brian Center   January 31 at 11:46pm

I'll be bringing my rake to look some more this week. I'll call if they have a # and/or drop them at Tigers

peter dinsmore   February 1 at 12:29pm

I just found them both Paul. ud83dude0e

Ben Cunningham    January 31 at 9:01pm

How does the disc bucket work?

L Bledsoe   January 31 at 9:17pm

Carefully, Cap City has the key. Most of the time they will end up Roger's shop.

Zac Teuscher   January 31 at 9:31pm

Disc bucket?

Brian Center   January 31 at 9:57pm

I think he's referring to the lost and found disc bucket posted on the poster board by hole 18... i only found one disc during my search of the creek. Called the guy and left his disc at Tigers. Im gonna search again this week.

Brian Center    January 31 at 7:03pm

Taking my rake down to look in the creek behind hole 2. If i find any discs I'll call you or put it in the lost and found bucket.

Joel Campos   January 31 at 7:18pm

Nice!!! Need that on the south side of lake.

Ben Cunningham    January 29 at 8:18pm

I shanked my glow diamond left of the gap on 15. No ink, more's the pity.

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Mike Wilson   January 29 at 8:38pm

I'm thinking it went down in the water off the left hand side of 16's tee pad.

Josh Bowen   January 29 at 8:50pm

Alrighty. Ill take a look in the a.m.

Ben Cunningham   January 31 at 4:37am

Thanks guys.

Trish Dowell    January 27 at 5:53pm

Hey guys, I somehow dropped my water bottle at Cascade 2 days ago. It's a red reusable bottle with Darryl from the Walking Dead on it. If anyone came across it, please let me know. It's my favorite water bottle and I will be thrilled to get it back. Also, I'm a pastry chef, so there could be some kind of cookie reward for its safe return ;)


Matt "KARNAGE" Karnes    January 26 at 4:13pm

Weather looks good for Glow tonight. Starts at 4. Who's in?

Rick Saffeels   January 26 at 5:41pm

You are! We have 6 people coming for the Super 10 layout so far!

Graham Smith    January 24 at 8:12pm

Lost a Blue 400 Prodigy D1 AND a yellow AJ star destroyer behind hole 14 in the water. Reward for finding and returning :D thanks

Josh Bowen   January 29 at 7:13pm

Hey graham did you ever find your discs?? Im heading out tomorrow and will take a look if they havent been located yet.

Graham Smith   January 31 at 2:57am

Still missing the D1, got the Destroyer back though

Brian Center    January 22 at 6:27pm

Lost a white opto striker behind hole 2 in the water, closer to the foot bridge. Would love it back. Thanks


Jonathan Long    January 18 at 12:58am

Yo Yo Yo!! Lost a couple of dayglow yellow champ sidewinders on 18 last Sunday.. And of course they were nameless! Would be super sweet to get them back tho. I'd be happy to trade another disc or give some $$ to get them back. Thanks

Tim Freer   January 19 at 11:17pm

I've got a sidewinder for ya

Jonathan Long   January 20 at 11:11pm

Heya Timbo! Is it day glo yellow, champion and either 150 or 175

Tim Freer   January 21 at 10:59pm

It's yellow and I would have to see if its any of those weights

Matt "KARNAGE" Karnes    January 2 at 12:21am

Just saw a Dynamic disc bag and a bunch of discs on craigslist for $100. Last time I saw something like this they were stolen. Check it out if you know someone that had discs stolen lately.

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Josh Bowen   January 2 at 2:21am

It's not 100. It reads that "price is not $100" I contacted them.

Matt "KARNAGE" Karnes   January 2 at 3:09am

After I posted this it changed to 220. No problem. Just giving a heads up.

Josh Bowen   January 2 at 3:35am

Ah. I saw the ad like 6 or so hours ago the guy updated it.

Zac Teuscher    December 28 at 5:40pm

Put a purple Felon in the creek on 15.. be nice to have back. Thanks in advance


Brian Center    December 22 at 12:31pm

Is the course playable or does anyone know which holes are flooded?

Rick Saffeels   December 22 at 2:27pm

It's in great condition!

Brian Center   December 22 at 5:33pm

Thanks Rick, just got here!

Zac Teuscher    November 30 at 1:23pm

Is there a list of all pin placements and accurate distances around? Thanks

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Zac Teuscher   November 30 at 1:52pm

got it but no alt distance for 1 or 3.. and lists alts for 14 and 15 though never seen them

Mike Wilson   November 30 at 6:12pm

I believe 14&15 alt sleeves were damaged by mowers some time ago.

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   November 30 at 9:44pm

Hole #14s alt sleeve was pulled and set again at hole #2 long

Zac Teuscher    November 25 at 1:22pm

Go fill out a survey and let the city know you want another disc golf course in town!


Joel Campos    November 20 at 2:50pm

Lost a axiom insanity in Lake left of hole #7 green clear core blue rim

Zac Teuscher   November 20 at 8:03pm

Who's got the scuba gear? About time for a trip in there again

Zac Teuscher    October 27 at 10:28am

Whoa! City work crews sure are putting in work on the course (well in the park but it's helping us)! All the blackberry bushes on right side of 3 are gone! They said they are going to clean up the older logs too and then move over by 7, 8, and 10 and do the same thing! The berm on 13 is completely clear too!
Great Work City of Salem! Thank you!

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Tyler Franklin   October 30 at 11:47am

Zac dosnt do anything here on DGS but **** anyway. I dont even think anyone puts stock in what you say anymore. Im prerty sure that every course you have posted a review for has been negative except for woodmansee. Way to grow the sport.

Kayla Winslow   October 30 at 8:14pm

"and the City"...

Kayla Winslow   October 30 at 8:15pm

Exactly Lloyd, the work is getting done and the course looks awesome!

Rob Sweitzer II    October 10 at 4:12pm

This sounds odd but if anyone finds a green little turtle on the course could you message me. My son lost it out there today while I was playing and it's his favorite. If anyone sees it please let me know. Thank you. 503-330-6216 shoot me a text also if you find it.

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Rob Sweitzer II   October 11 at 11:59pm

sounds good. how will I find you?

john snyder   October 12 at 12:25am

Just look for superman

Rob Sweitzer II   October 12 at 12:28am

ok, again thank you very much.

Jesse Walker    September 14 at 11:12pm

I just got some of my discs and two of my family's bags back! About 42 discs total, there is a third bag that is not mine that was returned to me with the others. I'm looking for the owner, describe it to me and its coming back to you. I'm sorry both Sean and Mo, its not one of the bags either of you had posted up getting stolen about the same time mine was.

Russ Brown   September 14 at 11:52pm

Sweet hope someone got there ass kicked. Looking for my glow gator w 2013 r/w/b huk4indy stamp just in case

Steven Winslow    August 31 at 4:41pm

Just a reminder to all, Monday Night Handicap start time is 5:30pm tonight.