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Jeff Novak    2 days ago

I lost a red Star Katana on 18. 350 ft.+ from the long tee to the left of the the fairway trail. Name and number on it. Reward. Thanks.


Ed Stack    June 24 at 11:41am

So what's the deal. Came down to play a round and the gates r locked no one there!!
Are you open???

Andy Smith   June 24 at 12:18pm

We don't open till 12:00 is part of the deal. And there is someone there now cause we're open.

Ed Stack   June 24 at 5:15pm

Sorry I assumed 8am on weekends and 10am on weekdays Sorry my bad

Ed Stack   June 25 at 9:34am

Andy will you update hours of operation on the info page please! Would love to play but need to know weekday/weekend hrs

Brendan Livingston    June 23 at 11:36am

lost an orange champion firebird in the lake 15 ft off shore on hole 14. In front of the willow on the right in front of the basket.

mike walker   June 23 at 12:02pm

how were the course conditions?id like to eventually play it.

Brendan Livingston   June 23 at 1:16pm

its rough right now, there are issues with the drainage system. When the golf course was closed down back in 2003 they filled in the drains with dirt. They are waiting on permits to re-dig and drain the course so they can really mow. Its playable, just really wet in spots.

Nick Oliver   June 24 at 12:25pm

Thanks for accurately and respectfully informing people for us.

Andy Smith    June 19 at 1:49pm

Due to the fact that we had a last minute emergency with staff and I'm out of town we have to CLOSE the course today.


Jeff Novak    June 16 at 9:14pm

What is the state of the course? All mowed? Still wet in spots?

Andy Smith   June 18 at 11:14am

Sorry Jeff as of right now 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14&15 have had a cut. 1,2,4,16,17&18 haven't been cut due to water.

Shawn Boucke    June 16 at 4:06pm

Does Andrew still run the shop? I'm trying to get ahold of him but no response from email or Facebook.

Andy Smith   June 16 at 4:46pm

Andrew nor up in the air is associated with Belle Isle or Detroit disc golf. Sorry but don't hold your breath because he doesn't answer our calls or emails either!

Shawn Boucke   June 18 at 11:28am

Ok, Thank you. I let him hold onto a good amount of credit from sold discs until he got some stock back in. Don't know if I will get that back now.

David Tomlinson    June 8 at 9:13am

I think it's been about 9 months, but I lost a green z force. I don't remember what hole, but I was wondering if it's in the lost and found.

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Ted Stoebling WPD   June 8 at 12:18pm

what is your pdga # I have a green force that was turned in at Bonnie Brook. just has a pdga# on it

David Tomlinson   June 8 at 4:57pm

it was in the ruff on the left side of the fairway. I just don't remember which hole.

Christian Doman   June 8 at 10:11pm

I think that's my force - 34999

Zack Cardenas    June 6 at 10:24am

Are you guys open today?

Andy Smith   June 6 at 10:50am

No we are not we cut a lot of the holes in yesterday but it pour on top of water that was already standing on the course. Hole 1,2,17,18,16,4&5 are full of water 8inches deep in some spots. We could not cut some of those holes yet and the grass is about waist high. Trying to finish it today or tomorrow. Sorry

Nick Oliver    June 1 at 1:59pm

Pardon our dust!

We are taking the week to do some mowing and maintenance. WE WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL THIS WEEKEND. It sucks, we know, but it is a must and things will be better for all! If you want to help on maintenance and/or have mowing equipment please reach out. THANKS!


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Brad Fuelling   June 1 at 9:19pm

I was there last week and told myself I wouldn't come back until it was mowed. glad I'll be able to play next week

Nick Oliver   June 2 at 4:03pm


Nick Oliver   June 2 at 8:23pm

We really appreciate those who appreciate and support our efforts. We are all fathers, work multiple jobs, and are paying for this out of pocket. We rely on fundraisers and tournaments to get things done. So coming out to play, getting a shirt or season pass, and understanding the course is still in flux means the world to us.

Zack Cardenas    May 30 at 6:21pm

Is it going to be open next Saturday?

Andy Smith   May 30 at 6:52pm

Yes we will sorry for any inconveniences.

Zack Cardenas   May 30 at 11:35pm

I am going to try to make it on saturday

Zack Cardenas   May 30 at 11:35pm

I just want to make sure it ill be open can't wait!

Daniel J Lee    May 28 at 12:11pm

Is the course open this weekend during the races?

Andy Smith   May 28 at 1:02pm

No and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We have some much needed maintenance and cutting to be done this weekend . Due to the race schedule is going to be hard for regular traffic to get onto the island I had of the races all even we have to have special passes for this. Course will resume regular hours on Monday .

Brad Fuelling    May 24 at 3:26pm

lost an orange firebird in the water on hole 15. name and number are on it


Fred Vocino    May 15 at 10:43am

I'm keeping my schedule flexible for a tournament in the fall. It looks like folks expect to have the water issues resolved by then. Where we have general concerns about the melting of the polar ice caps and the movement of water over the Canadian-shield into the GreatLakes system, I am particularly troubled by the prospect of loosing islands like Belle Isle.

Nick Oliver   May 15 at 12:15pm

We will definetely have at least 2 tourneys after summer. Grand Finale and one other (beeer, please).

Doug Williams    May 15 at 10:25am

Heading to Detroit Monday 5-18 for a week of training. Looking for a place to play some kind of organized play. This appears to be the closest course to my hotel at the RenCen...any ideas on where or when to go...also is this course a walkable distance from the RenCen?

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Stephen Moore   May 15 at 3:21pm

Yeah checked Uber....its $6

Doug Williams   May 20 at 11:20pm

Enjoyed the course but it sure could use a mow. Shame more folks didn't show up for the 1st league nite. Thanks Eric for the ride it was greatly appreciated.

Nick Oliver   May 21 at 9:54pm

Working on maintenance stuff over the next week.

Jim Stack    May 8 at 7:18am

Play out here yesterday & it's crazy the course was wet er then it was on opening day!! but still playable :) so get out & play before the rain comes gets here !!!

Nick Oliver   May 8 at 9:30am

Indeed. If everything goes as planned next spring and this fall will be more better in terms of water. We appreciate the support brother!!!

Nick Oliver    May 5 at 10:18am

Tuesday Random Dub league starts tonight!!!


Brendan Livingston    May 3 at 10:52pm

Lost 2 discs in lake muskoday today, the first was a Blue McPro Aviar 20 feet off the coast near the first willow on 14. I shot that at at hole 5 and it took off over the bridge. The second is a yellow Gstar Boss, which hit the second willow near the basket on hole 14 and fell into the water 20 feet offshore. This is just a record in hopes of getting these tagged discs back at some point.

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Brendan Livingston   May 8 at 11:53am

Good to know Nick, I've heard there are a whole slew of discs down there, we should get a scuba team, lol.

Nick Oliver   May 8 at 1:55pm

I was looking for a wet suit and some gear like that. Any ideas?

Brendan Livingston   May 8 at 3:07pm

I'm coming out for league tonight so we'll talk about it. I just picked up a bunch of boss's from the factory store online, good deals.

Nick Oliver    April 30 at 3:39pm

2 leagues getting ready to jump off. Posting here to make it easier on everyone, but please refer to the Detroit Disc Golf club page for info (links below).

Tuesday Random Dubs - 6pm start, ace pool, winning teams get payout (see link for more info

Friday Night Flights - 545 start, ace pool, points system with final league event at end of season. More info coming, updates here

steve nolff   April 30 at 4:08pm

Leagues in the D. How great is life.

Jim Stack   May 1 at 2:57pm

yes that's awesome !! just got home from playing my first round out there this year little wet in spots be playable

Nick Oliver   May 1 at 9:53pm

TY sir^ We agree. Water control measures are in the works and in some places have been implemented.

mike walker    April 30 at 8:21am

any word on course conditions?

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Brendan Livingston   May 3 at 10:56pm

update, as of today hole 4 is the only really wet hole. It's drying out fast. Mike, how is Riverbends in terms of water right now?

mike walker   May 4 at 7:46am

no water

Darren Harper   May 7 at 7:20pm

what the river dried up?

Stephen Moore    April 28 at 12:58pm

Is there a league that will be hosted here during the week? With the hours, I was not sure. Since I work in the city it would be cool to have a league close by.

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Nick Oliver   April 30 at 3:10pm

Steve, we already have. Come on man!

steve nolff   April 30 at 4:06pm

Doh! Thought I looked. You guys are the best!!!

Nick Oliver   April 30 at 9:23pm

We do it for the fans.