Addison Oaks County Park

Leonard, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Shaun Adkins    3 days ago

I forgot to mention Krystal and becky found 2 other discs in the pond on 14. One has two letters I'm assuming are initials, the other has no ink.

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Shaun Adkins   3 days ago


K T   3 days ago

Black banger gt

Shaun Adkins   3 days ago

nope. how did you manage that?

Jennifer Lynn    4 days ago

lost a hot pink wahoo in hole 1's pond during 1st round of GVM Tournament. Couldn't reach it so we moved on to the next hole. Asked around and no one said they saw it or got it out :/ It's a floater so I'm sure someone saw it.

My name and number are on it.

Tommy Mullin   4 days ago

there was like 4 in there when we finished the day i don't think anyone grabbed them

Jennifer Lynn   3 days ago

bummer..... Thanks though!

Shaun Adkins    4 days ago

Krystal lost a valkyrie on 14 in the drink.


Ryan Koeppen    5 days ago

Lost a white z buzzz with my buddy Jon's ink still in the rim and I lost a kc pro 2nd place MCCG roc in the water on hole 1. Be really grateful to get them back.


Kevin Eggy Egnatoski    5 days ago

Lost a pink Teebird on hole one in the the water would love to get it back reward for return . Name and number on the disc


James O'Leary    July 24 at 6:26am

If anyone also finds a blue beast at hole one or a yellow champion monarch at hole ten please give me a call at 5868068466

Tommy Mullin   July 24 at 9:45pm

Feeling awfully giving to addison oaks this week?

James O'Leary   7 days ago

Ya 2 were mine and 2 were my buddies

James O'Leary    July 23 at 6:41pm

Lost a bright pink X AVENGER on hole 10 and a red katana on hole 11 or 12 way to the right with Troy written on the bottom of the disc if anyone find them it of anyone find them please call 5868058466 thanks


Aaron Torres    July 16 at 11:13am

Lost my pink with gold stamp FD way on the left side of Vietnam (hole10) the other day, name and number on rim, reward and karma if any one comes across it. It hyzered pretty hard left, didn't hear water only brush when it landed. Buried way left in the bush. If anyone finds it please!! Get a hold of me, that is a go to disc!


Jennifer Lynn    July 15 at 11:52am

Lost a pink champion sidewinder to the right on hole 12... My name and number are written on back inside rim.


Nick Richardson    July 14 at 12:02pm

Lost a ten year Buzzz on hole 2. Reward for return. Name and number on back.

Neil Duffey   July 14 at 12:18pm

ill toss in for the safe return of my friends disc.

Ben C    July 12 at 8:46pm

I lost a hot pink Inertia on 14. A hit a tree early on the left side and it bounced to the left. It looked like it kept going left for a while. There is a name and number. Reward if found.


Andrew Beckwith    July 12 at 7:39pm

I left an avenger ss on one of the last holes at Addison. Its a clear j bird tournament disc. I did not have my info on the back but if someone found it and picked it up can you please let me know. Its brand new and I just got it from the j bird tournament in Mt. Pleasant at deerfield. I'll throw you money or a disc if returned. Thank you. My number is 586 651 4375.


Jake Swanson    July 7 at 12:03pm

Lost my go to driver on 10 on sat. It is a yellow bliz champ vulcan. I have lots of plastic, or I can give a cash reward if returned.


Neil Duffey    July 1 at 9:45pm

this tourney is creeping up! 19 days! cashless pre-reg welcomed!


nick peters    June 9 at 12:41am

Lost disc champion factor second roc3 on hole ten its blue

nick peters   June 9 at 12:42am

no name or number

Zach Emery   June 11 at 5:21pm

Is there a reward for finding it? I know someone who found a roc3 but not sure if it's yours

Ben Bobowski    June 6 at 5:17pm

I have a stony-oakland pass for sale. Originally it is 54 dollars. I'm selling it for 40. Message me if you are interested


Neil Duffey    June 3 at 1:26pm

tournament info!!! please help us grow the sport!


Anthony Litts    May 28 at 8:17pm

Lost a Crystal Buzz GT on hole 1. No name or number on it. Big reward for the person that returns it.

Anthony Litts   June 1 at 10:39pm

Still missing this disc.

Calvin J Cressey    May 28 at 3:23pm

lost blue prodigy M4 on 10 over the weekend. PDGA# on disc. will reward with plastic if found.