Addison Oaks County Park

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Nick Richardson    1 day ago

Put a orange/red ten year buzzz into the swap on 10. Heard it was picked clean before our round was even over.(confirmed by the vibram thrower) Would love to get it back. Will paypal you to send it back, along with a vibram disc a friend also threw in.


Chris Lozen    1 day ago

My brother lost a pink Valkyrie on 21 yesterday. Got almost pin high and hyzered into the woods. If you find it he'd be happy for the return.

Chris Lozen   1 day ago

Disc is not inked

Jonathan Sand    2 days ago

Lost my white RFF Wizard on the left side of 10, in the swamp. White with baby blue team stony stamp. 174g. Big reward for return.


Jeff Meldrum    2 days ago

Lost an orange pd2 on #1. Reward if returned


Christian Doman    5 days ago

Lost a day glo Champion Destroyer with storm trooper dye on 19 today. Shot looked decent, fading right across the face of the basket, then just disappeared. No ink. Reward for return,


Bart Kowalewski    June 16 at 10:06pm

Lost my main putter in the swamp on 10. White discmania P2. Big reward if found.

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donny v   June 17 at 10:14pm

closest I ever came to acing with a keeper disc was with that 10x kcpro eagle many years ago. I actually bought it from swamp mike that same day. grazed the top on my very first toss with it. I'm baggin her! It even had my longtime fantasy football stud's name "Tomlinson" ink on ... more

donny v   June 17 at 10:16pm

I refuse to throw any of my 10x on hole 10 again though :p

Bart Kowalewski   June 18 at 6:06am

just straight and short

Brian Schoening    June 14 at 6:22pm

found a disc today, I believe on 16 or 17. It has a very unique stamp. No ink. Name it and I'll get it back to you.

Derek Tzay   June 17 at 8:00am

White wizard with a red wings/communist logo?

Jeff Bauman    June 14 at 1:30pm

Left my white dx Roc w Team Stony stamp in the swamp on hole 10. Has my name and "Ace on hole 10 at 2013 GVM @ Addy" written on it. Reward

Daymon Pugh   June 14 at 8:43pm

Did you win ?

Jeff Bauman   June 14 at 9:24pm

I did!

Josh Hewitt    June 11 at 8:23am

If the swamp ever goes down on Hole 12 there is a yellow 9x eagle initials on the bottom. Hefty reward if found!!!


Jeff Montney    June 10 at 11:09pm

Lost 2 discs on hole 12 today. One was an orange 2 time Barry Champ Beast to the right in the bottom of that ravine in all that thick stuff. Hit a tree and shot off into the brush. The other was thrown by a friend and was a orange 5x Champion JK Valk on the left side right before the swamp. It was getting dark so we didn't have much time to look... Both have my cell number on them REWARD!!!!!


donny v    June 8 at 10:35am

For those who are not playing in the Holy Oaks Tourney at Addison Oaks this weekend...
We're having a lil course fundraising tourney for Mill Creek this Saturday, June 13th

Just a $10 donation gets you in! It's not a pdga sanctioned event, more of a casual fun-filled day at our private course an hour northeast of Addy. You can cash-less pre-reg here on the scene and I'll add your name to the list and get you directions.

Hope to see some of y'all come on up to the country and help support the sport!


Tyler alfano    June 8 at 6:16am

Rough day at addy yesterday. Lost a white with blue cat head stamped dx Rhyno on hole ten believe right side of swamp. Also lost a colorshift buzzz closer towards the basket in the swamp. Hit the trees in front of basket didn't see it fall. And lost a dyed 5x pfn valk on 5 right side. Name and number on all but the colorshift buzzz. Reward for return

logan young   June 8 at 12:57pm

theres a lost blue evny in ten water too

TJ Gabriel    June 7 at 11:33am

Hole 17: lost a light blue Legend Cannon with a team legacy stamp, reward. Has zero ink because I just got it


Lawrence Leonardi    June 6 at 8:39am

Split Tier C/B PDGA tournament here next weekend. Check out the Holy Oaks presented by Essential Discs!


Derek Tzay    June 5 at 4:31pm

And a white wizard with a red foil red wings/communist stamp. 2 aces on that one /:


Derek Tzay    June 5 at 4:22pm

Lost a white star boss in the water before the peninsula


James Long    May 30 at 7:14pm

Are there any regular leagues at this course?

Miles Lawrence "MMDGC"   May 31 at 12:30am

Not that I'm aware of. Mainly traveling leagues and bag tag rounds. There are leagues at Seymour on Sunday, Stony on Friday, and Holly on Tuesday.

Brandon Parks aka Scooter    May 18 at 9:23am

Someone stole a champion eagle off a picnic table yesterday near the playground it was brand new i doubt it will be returned but worth a shot.


donny v    May 8 at 1:59pm

Plenty of spots open for next Saturday, May 16, at the 2015 Mill Creek Memorial Come on over for a fun day and check out how far we've come along building the dream :) If tourney's are not your thing, the Ira Twp Disc Golf Course needs help cleaning up their course on Saturday, May 16. Check out the Ira Twp DG Course Page on the scene and get a hold of Neil for times. It's a great way to give back to the game a ... more


Josh Cook Broken Oak    May 2 at 10:59pm

LOST KEYS!!!! I know its a long shot, but a friend lost his keys at Addison a few weeks ago. They are very important to him, please let me know if anyone has found keys in the last month or so. Thanks! I will offer a plastic reward if recovered!

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richard bell   May 2 at 11:29pm

ill look tomorrow early when im there. any idea what hole or no?

Josh Cook Broken Oak   May 3 at 7:20am

Thanks brother. I actually wasn't out with him that day so I'm not sure what hole

richard bell   May 4 at 12:12am

no keys.