Addison Oaks County Park

Leonard, Michigan     1 course · 180 holes     Driving directions
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donny v    2 days ago

2016 Chili Bowl at Mill Creek this Saturday!
Chili will be ready by 11am
Mini tourney starts at 1pm
Come on over and play some disc and help grow the sport!


Chad Pavlinac    5 days ago

Who left their red dragon on the ice on hole 1 on Monday?


Jessica J    6 days ago

Just a heads uo. A sign posted Feb 2, 4 , 9, 11, addy will be closed for goose maintenance

Brain Evans   5 days ago


Andrew LaCross    6 days ago

I left my red/yellow 11x champion tbird near the practice basket... there was one other person there the entire day.. I'm sure he grabbed it.. if u see this.. hmu 2484671671.. $ reward.. .. plzzzzz :)

Jessica J   6 days ago

she lol not always a he. I didn't see it and just left the course, unfortunately maybe someone else found it, but always check the little office hutch,they have a lost and found there.. I'll be back in the am so I can double check again since the round ended in glow.

Andrew LaCross   6 days ago

Haha.. I meant there was only one other person to finish before us..and it was a guy I'm 100%.. thank u for the info tho and the concern tho.. the gentleman who found it has already texted me... I will hopefully get to throw my bird again.... ty discgolf scene. .. and to good people. :) ...

Jessica J   6 days ago

hell yeah!!!!!!!! congrats! !! hats off to people at addy returning discs. glad to hear you got that back. 11 x third is bbbeeauutiful ... having faith with the good disc karma continues.

Tyler alfano    January 26 at 2:47pm

Found a disc on hole 5. No name no number. Name it so I can get it back to ya

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Brendan Livingston   January 28 at 11:02am

I lost a green pro Valkerie about a month ago.

Jessica J   January 28 at 1:16pm

I play here a lot. Haven't seen a pro valk. went out this morning since snow melted and nothing, I'll keep my eyes open

Jimmy "Dyeing 2 Disc" Schocke   6 days ago

I found the green pro Valkyrie today

Justin Hall    January 26 at 1:52am

Hitting up Addison in the morning.. pre dawn with the UV light. I'll notify anybody in this thread if I find their missing plastic.
Wish me luck!

Brain Evans   January 28 at 9:39am

Lost a blizzard boss between 19 and 20

ilya newell    January 25 at 4:26pm

Lost a blue Photon on 6. Email on bottom. Threw a purple Wave in the tree by 24...then a red putter after it. Solid.

Tyler alfano   January 26 at 2:48pm


Brendan Livingston    January 9 at 8:04pm

i put a green pro valkyrie in the water on hole 10, couldnt get out there because it wasnt frozen through yet. Reward if returned.

Jimmy "Dyeing 2 Disc" Schocke   6 days ago

I found it today

Joe Altizer    January 9 at 5:24pm

Left one behind on hole #2 and #24 a pink teebird and a wiped stamp with a yellow circle in center with red and blue

Jessica J   January 9 at 5:43pm

where were they left? I was out and didn't see them.. I'll look again tomorrow for ya

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD    December 25 at 12:14am

I put a blue Latitude Pain into the middle of the water on 10, let me know if found - thanks!

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Jay B   December 25 at 2:28pm

Did you have both eyes out?

Jeff Hulet   December 25 at 2:35pm

Yes, and still saw none. I saw a disc in creek of "Death" though, but thought I may get some bacterial disease if I went after it! :)

Brain Evans   December 26 at 6:36am

today i will have both eyes out ;-)

Brain Evans    December 24 at 6:16am

Please checkout the event page for an event I am hosting on Jan 1st to raise money for a friend who passed family
Bring 20 bucks (or more) 10 dollars gets you in for the round CTP and Ace pool. the other ten you can buy some raffle tickets.


Ron Jacobs    December 14 at 2:56am

Lost a red Gstar Daedalus on 16. Went into the brush next to 17s pad. Didn't take a lot of time to look because it was super busy. Number is on it, cash or plastic for it's return.


Jeff Bauman    December 9 at 3:37pm

FYI... Addy is closed today!

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Jessica J   December 10 at 7:54pm

yup. it was only a few select days it was shut for deer management. I posted them below prior to them closing it , all good now

Jeff Hulet   December 11 at 1:44pm

Funny, I never even seen a track while I played! How many deer do they really have there??

Jessica J   December 11 at 6:03pm

omg there was actually a **** ton!!! like I mean that literally lol I would attempt glow rounds or early early am and some deer were even charging my dog! most is seen around this area

Jeff Hulet    December 8 at 1:45am

Yellow Wraith?


Miles smilez Campbell    December 6 at 8:38pm

Found a white disc somewhere between 9 and 11 i forget. Name it


Jessica J    November 12 at 12:29pm

Just to give fellow discers a heads up. There is a sign at the front of Addison stating will be closed to the public for deer management on November 17,19,20,24 and December 8 and 9.

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Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   November 13 at 2:02am

it's not closed on Turkey day. Thanksgiving is the 26th.

Jessica J   November 13 at 8:59am

Last year it was closed. No one was at the front :(

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   November 14 at 2:21am

doesn't mean it's closed. You would either need a pass or buy one from the building.

Jason Troy    November 1 at 7:55pm

Played a round today and I lost my mvp relay it's grey with white swirls on hole 10 probably landed in the swamp if found please return


Tyler alfano    October 25 at 10:27pm

Anybody looking to shoot tmrw morning? 9ish tee time. Let me know!


mike walker    October 25 at 5:02pm

Found a chair in hole markings.hit me up if u lost one

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Zach Dillinger WPD   October 25 at 9:51pm


Zach Dillinger WPD   October 25 at 9:52pm

Camo stool** lol with a black arm strap. Really light weight.

mike walker   October 26 at 7:32am

got it..

richard bell    October 14 at 8:33pm

Left a green havoc on 20 I believe. The 1st field shot. Left in middle of fairway. No name or #.

Jeff Hulet   October 22 at 1:52pm

Yellow Innova Wraith?

richard bell   October 22 at 6:09pm

no sir not onr of them