Addison Oaks County Park

Leonard, Michigan     1 course · 180 holes     Driving directions
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Jessica J    November 12 at 12:29pm

Just to give fellow discers a heads up. There is a sign at the front of Addison stating will be closed to the public for deer management on November 17,19,20,24 and December 8 and 9.

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Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   November 13 at 2:02am

it's not closed on Turkey day. Thanksgiving is the 26th.

Jessica J   November 13 at 8:59am

Last year it was closed. No one was at the front :(

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   November 14 at 2:21am

doesn't mean it's closed. You would either need a pass or buy one from the building.

Jason Troy    November 1 at 7:55pm

Played a round today and I lost my mvp relay it's grey with white swirls on hole 10 probably landed in the swamp if found please return


Tyler alfano    October 25 at 10:27pm

Anybody looking to shoot tmrw morning? 9ish tee time. Let me know!


mike walker    October 25 at 5:02pm

Found a chair in hole markings.hit me up if u lost one

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Zach Dillinger WPD   October 25 at 9:51pm


Zach Dillinger WPD   October 25 at 9:52pm

Camo stool** lol with a black arm strap. Really light weight.

mike walker   October 26 at 7:32am

got it..

richard bell    October 14 at 8:33pm

Left a green havoc on 20 I believe. The 1st field shot. Left in middle of fairway. No name or #.

Jeff Hulet   October 22 at 1:52pm

Yellow Innova Wraith?

richard bell   October 22 at 6:09pm

no sir not onr of them

richard bell    October 14 at 8:20pm

Also found a disc on the 2 holes before the open field. Let me know.

" Young " Tye Krukowski   October 25 at 9:20am

memorial championship buzzz?

richard bell   October 25 at 1:05pm

sorry buddy thats not it.

richard bell    October 14 at 8:18pm

12 bucks a pop now non resident. Getting kind of crazy. Good thing there's no kiosk to pay to play. Course is still worth the admission but just barely. Best bet is a bag tag for sure. Its worth the tag.

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Tommy Mullin   October 18 at 8:34pm

Pretty sure i got the metro park and oakland co. park pass for less then 30

Andrew Beckwith   October 20 at 11:07pm

There is a combo pass...the 12 bucks is not admission for disc golf, its for Addison oaks park. Disc golf is free at Addison. You're ridiculous.

Jeff Hulet   October 22 at 1:54pm

I only paid $5 last time I played Addison??

Ryan Koeppen    October 12 at 12:30pm

Found a disc on 18 yesterday. No name or number but its yellow.

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Jeff Hulet   October 12 at 1:16pm

Yellow Innova Wraith?

Ryan Koeppen   October 12 at 2:45pm


Christian Doman   October 12 at 5:54pm

Champ Destroyer w dye job?

Miles smilez Campbell    September 29 at 8:34pm

Does anyone know the so called "swamp man"? I have heard recently that he had multiple discs of mine with my name and number that i would really like to get back. sMileZ

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Miles smilez Campbell   September 30 at 10:13am

got his info thanks. yes smilez would be on inside rim. with phone number

" Young " Tye Krukowski   October 1 at 11:34am

he charges a "finders fee" if you see your disc with your name. its kinda funny

Miles smilez Campbell   October 1 at 12:12pm

Well I've tried calling and texting with no answer yet. anyone else have a way to get ahold of this guy?

ilya newell    September 28 at 7:18pm

Lost a white MVP Wave on hole 19. Tall grass on right. Reward if found. Email on bottom.

" Young " Tye Krukowski   October 6 at 1:44pm

I found a pink one deep on the left side if you'd like it

ilya newell   October 9 at 10:24am

Do you know the weight?

Kenneth R    September 28 at 6:59pm

Lost a red star boss hole one.


Nate C    September 28 at 6:37pm

Found a disc on 10 in the swampy part if you can identify I will get it back to you

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Dominik W   October 1 at 7:15pm

cryztal avenger shunga open?

John Frazer   October 5 at 12:19pm

yellow star katana

Nate C   October 7 at 9:45am

Sorry none of those

Neal Bachert    September 12 at 4:36pm

I lost a 12x KC Pro Roc on hole 19 on the left side of the fairway from the tee. The disc is somewhere in the rough.


" Young " Tye Krukowski    September 10 at 3:12pm

I lost an orange crystal flx buzz on 3 somehow. my name is on it. would be great to get it back!


donny v    September 9 at 8:34am

Growing the sport for ALL our disc golf friends out there. Addison, Stony and Riverbends have been great the past 18+ years and we're hoping to follow in their footsteps! ~Proposing the 18 hole expansion for East China Twp's Disc Golf Course tonight! ~Assisting in the development of a disc golf course at Marysville Park! ~Supporting the growth of the Croswell disc golf course and awesome private course Sage Creek! ~Hosting our 2015 Championship tournament at Mill Creek, my pri ... more


donny v    September 1 at 8:28am

Mill Creek Championships
Hosting our first Sunday tournament on Sept 20th at Mill Creek Disc Golf Course. Cashless Pre-Reg in comments section.

donny v   September 2 at 12:53pm

Automatic berths have been posted. Check the players list to see if you're in, otherwise register soon before you're left on the outside looking in :)

Scott Grim    August 31 at 1:15am

I lost a red Champion Roc3 on #3. My name is on it, but the phone number is an old one.

Michael McGinnis   August 31 at 7:31am

I found it, send me a message with an updated phone number and we'll get it back to you

Scott Grim   September 2 at 10:19pm

I sent you a message with the current number. Thanks.

Jeff Hollinger    August 22 at 10:14pm

Lost a yellow Z force on hole 22. My pdga #66113 should be on the rim. Reward if returned.


Jay Serratos    August 19 at 9:24am

Did anyone leave behind a blizzard katana? I found one in my bag when I returned home from here Saturday (08/15/15). Unmarked. How it got there is a mystery! Happy to return to the rightful owner :)

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Timmy Redman   August 20 at 6:06pm

Throw it! You might like it!

Jay Serratos   August 20 at 8:41pm

Lol converted everything to Discraft ;) only plastic I throw now. I miss your fun energy! Hope all is swell & happy belated bday!

Alisha Grace   August 20 at 9:23pm

If no one claims it I will buy it off you :) what's the weights

Garrett Emenheiser    August 18 at 3:30pm

Forgot my buzzz hat at the motor city open last Sunday. It's a black hat with a yellow bee reward if returned. Call me at 586-533-0180