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Billy Gaskill    6 days ago

Sunday Doubles @ WILLAMETTE!!



Billy Gaskill    March 14 at 3:52pm

Hey all,

I am super excited about sunday doubles this weekend!

the weather is supposed to be great. we'll have at least 5 sweet ctps including a couple first run discs!

come on out on Sunday. random draw, $4 to get in, $1 mulligans, $1 ace pot ($100 payout)

it's going to be EPIC!



Billy Gaskill    March 7 at 7:38pm

First, let me say that I have no problem with someone promoting a drug free, safe environment for our citizen's to enjoy our local courses. I'm all for it. I'm working to get more youth golfers to show up for events I run, and I think that we need to be a good example for younger folks in our sport. Having said that, I'm not very happy about the Oregon State Sheriffs Association stickers that are being placed on the Tee Signs at Adair. They have an 800 number on them to call to "report marij ... more

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Mike Hildum   March 8 at 10:06pm

That is really messed up!

Jake Burger   March 12 at 9:25pm

Haven't been out to Adair to see those in a while, that is very unfortunate.

Dru "Stylez"   March 13 at 12:23am

On a 2nd Note, Yes I drink Beer... Love it! Do I A... Leave my Mess Behind, B... Bring an ofeenive atttitude, C... I Smoke Cigs Too, And the answer is D! I Pick after myself and I do my best to contribute to better of the Course! I'll get after anyone who doesn't respect the course or players period ... more

Billy Gaskill    February 23 at 10:48am

Doubles Today. CTP. $100 Ace pot. $4 buy in, up to $2 in mulligans if you want, $1 ace buy in.

Hope to see you out there!


Billy Gaskill   February 23 at 10:50am

11am tee!

Russ H    February 19 at 1:31pm

Anybody know if the course has an event this weekend? I'm hoping to head down from Portland for a couple of rounds on Saturday the 22nd and I want to make sure the course is open and ready for action. Thanks!

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Billy Gaskill   February 19 at 2:03pm

the fairways have Been cleared of fallen trees. the concrete tee pads are sweet! I'm running Sunday doubles at 11am ($4 buy in, $1 mulligans-up to two, $1 ace pot. ace pot $100.

Billy Gaskill   February 19 at 2:04pm

we usually have a sweet ctp or two...oh, and it's random draw for your partner.

Russ H   February 19 at 2:05pm

Thanks again!

ROGUE RIDER    December 25 at 4:42pm

assistance needed for this sunday to load the t-pads on a trailer.10AM I will be at the park and ride off I-5 and Delaney <enchanted forest exit> to swoop anyone who wants a ride with me. we plan to play adair doubles at 11am then maybe a singles round <SO I CAN SHOOT EVEN> then load the t-pads... anyone welcome to help

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Steve Jones   December 26 at 1:10am

you got the wrong weekend brent we should be able to help and play adair sunday

Brent Cameron   December 26 at 9:32am

Wish I could but I gots a DUCKS basketball game to go to on Sunday

James C   December 26 at 1:08pm

Rogue count me in. I probably won't play doubles though. I'll just go shoot a rec round.

Steve Moore    December 18 at 8:31pm

I'd like to put a call of assistance to a project I am involved with. I have permission and am trying to find a way to move 2 of the old framed Adair tee pads to Canyonview Camp in Silverton. They are large and heavy and would mostly require trailer or flatbed setup. Also very heavy since 1 large framed piece, would require 3-4 healthy bodies to load and unload. Hope we figure out as a disc golf community how to get this project done. Thank you in advance.


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Billy Gaskill   December 20 at 11:33am

I'm probably out of the loop, but I thought Nate S. was going to use all those pads for alt pro pads @ adair. not so?pads

Billy Gaskill   December 20 at 11:35am

did that make any sense? anyway, if that's not an issue, I'd be happy to give you a hand if I'm around.

Steve Moore   December 20 at 1:22pm

Thanks for comment and sent you pm, all good and approved by powers to be as needed

Tim "Skip" Becker    November 26 at 9:54pm

I got the day off tomorrow anybody wanna maybe meet up and play? Let me know I'm free all day

Brian "ole timer" Hausotter   November 26 at 10:34pm

Nice!!! But you know we probably won't be off till 4:30....@&$#%%<~ lol

Tim "Skip" Becker   November 26 at 10:49pm

:) ya u lol u still in alb or tangent

Rick Saffeels   November 27 at 2:42am

We will have a group playing Friday :)

Billy Gaskill    November 23 at 1:17pm

Doubles @ Adair tomorrow! 11am, $4 buy in, $1 Mulligans (up to 2), $1 Ace pool. (So, $7 "all in")

Normally this is a random draw event. In honor of old Gibson and Banner, we're going to be playing it Pro/Am style, or "uphill/downhill".

Come on out and play dubs on the BRAND NEW CONCRETE TEE PADS!!!!

Brian "ole timer" Hausotter   November 23 at 3:17pm

Triples at the loo bring a crew!!!

Billy Gaskill   November 24 at 1:33pm

thread jumper! j/k...have fun out there!

Billy Gaskill    November 21 at 1:35am

Hey all, Nate and Jay Sexton, Doug Ulfers and some others are going to be out at Adair tomorrow spreading gravel. I've heard they are shooting for 10am or so. They will have Doug's Kubota to haul the dirt and gravel, but I'm sure they could use as many arms with attached shovels and rakes as possible. Many hands, light work and all. If you can make it out, that would be awesome. This time, you can play a round after working!!



Kalib A.    November 20 at 6:37pm

Tees are great, thanks guys.

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Steve Jones   November 21 at 1:12am


Billy Gaskill   November 21 at 1:13am

well, 17. Hole 13 is going to be a raised pad at some point..

Billy Gaskill   November 21 at 1:22am

I'll tell you, as sweet as it was to play on the new tee pads (and it was REALLY sweet!!), it really sucked to step up to hole 13's crappy old rubber pad!!! Good riddance to those things!

Billy Gaskill    November 19 at 10:28pm

WOOHOO!!! Adair is open for play! The forms have been removed and the baskets have been replaced. Thanks to Nate Sexton and Dave Pittman for their work today. Thanks again to everyone involved in making this a reality! BE CAREFUL: Nate says there are some significant drop-offs at the ends of pads. We need to move some gravel in the next few days to make them more safe. Watch those ankles! Anyone who has time to move some gravel/remove the old fill dirt piles at the ends of the pads wo ... more

Billy Gaskill   November 19 at 10:29pm

btw, if you're removing old fill dirt, it goes over in the pile next to the new shed, just past hole 5's tee pad.

Billy Gaskill    November 18 at 11:52pm

We're wanting to open the course tomorrow, but Nate Sexton reports that we need some gravel spread , especially on the ends of tee pads to take care of drop offs, to make it safe. I wish I could make it out, but I'm slammed all week. If any of you can come out and move gravel tomorrow, I think we could open the course!

let nate know if you can make it out.


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ROGUE RIDER   November 19 at 12:51am

im wrong he is on the

Slick Willie   November 19 at 12:00pm

A few of us will be out there at Noon to help.

ROGUE RIDER   November 19 at 12:59pm

i cant get there today but i know others said they will be there about 2pm today

Rick Saffeels    November 17 at 12:34pm

Okay keep on signing up online for the Psycho Santa 2! Just turned in the order form for the 100 Discraft Discs and the 50 Gateway discs! Lots of prizes and EVERYONE still gets a Discraft Disc of there choice and t-shirt! ONLY $20 for entrance fee per person! YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT! Trophies are in the design process now! Plenty of Christmas gifts for all! NO ONE IS LEAVING EMPTY HANDED!


ROGUE RIDER    November 16 at 12:15am

BASKETS ARE REMOVED so don't get the notion to throw off to the side of the T-pads, THIS COURSE IS NOT PLAYABLE AT THIS TIME.

Steve Moore   November 16 at 12:19am

Not untill at least the 20th at this point as posted today

Billy Gaskill   November 16 at 12:21am

I've heard 11/20 thrown out there as the date the baskets go back in and we can start huckin'. I'll post here if that changes.

ROGUE RIDER   November 16 at 12:23am

signage at the park does say til 11/19

Steve Moore    November 15 at 10:39pm

And the course will be closed to play until the 20th is posted date at this time


Steve Moore    November 15 at 10:08pm

What a great day and here are some photos to show it, the weather held and the work got done. Great Job All!!

Hopefully link works for you, if not Steve Moore photos

Again Big Thanks All involved in this whole project from those that dug and prepped, frame work, and now today the pour.

Steve Moore

Steve Moore   November 15 at 11:37pm

It's the magic of hobbling along with braces and cane that makes it all happen somehow, keeps my mind off of daily pains in body. Also keeps me young in thought but old in body.

Billy Gaskill   November 16 at 10:17pm

thanks for all the great pics!

Billy Gaskill    November 14 at 7:32pm

Let me know if you are coming out tomorrow to help with the concrete pour. Also, let us know what you are bringing (shovels, wheelbarrows, trowels etc)

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Grape Ape   November 15 at 12:12am

Steve Jones....YOU ROCK!

Billy Gaskill   November 15 at 8:14am

yeah. sounds awesome Steve. glad to have ya.

Billy Gaskill   November 15 at 8:18am

We'll talk finish before we start. I'll be out around 10 getting set up.

Billy Gaskill    November 14 at 10:53am

The course closure will extend through the weekend. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the concrete poured until Friday for the new tee pads. I suspect we'll put the baskets back in place on Monday, 11/18/13.

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James C   November 15 at 10:47am


James C   November 15 at 10:48am

Thanks for the hard work. I would come out but I'm working.

James C   November 15 at 10:49am

Could help Sunday if still needing help

Billy Gaskill    November 11 at 6:50pm

The course is closed until 11/16/13 (estimated). We are putting in concrete tee pads!!! yay

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Brian Cole   November 11 at 8:14pm

I will not miss the old, slick flypads with wood poking out from underneath. This was easily the biggest con of this course. Way to go Adair locals!

Billy Gaskill   November 11 at 8:44pm

I'll upload some vids of the progress when I get a chance. They are looking GREAT so far! 14' x5' on the long ones, 12' x 5' on the "short" ones. plenty of runway for idiots like me who love a big runway. Also, almost anyone can start run-up on the pad instead of behind it.