$20.00 League

Saturday, May 24, 2014 at Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

This is a Food drive for Gleaners, and a League. $20.00 League 2 divisions Am and Pro If you play Advanced ... more
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Jason Kirkaldy    May 24 at 11:49pm

Thanks for coming out and helping us raise some food for Gleaners!

It looks like we collected nearly 60 lbs of food, and $5.00 cash from a casual Jim Mayes.

Jacoby Sanderson wins the Ace pool throw off for $20.00

Gage showed up and put a hurtin on the am field with a -8!! Nice shooting! And I won open with a true 61.

It was fun using mulligans!

It was a great day for golfing, I hope you all left happy!


Jason Kirkaldy    May 24 at 6:31pm

Thanks allot for coming out everyone. We didn't have a big turn out but the food drive was still a success! I will post results later on tonight.


Jason Kirkaldy    May 24 at 6:47am

Charity event today! Grab 6 cans of food and haul ass to Kensington. Get a fun round in in time to play toboggan!!!


Justin Leibold    May 23 at 10:24pm

I may not be there in the morning

Jason Kirkaldy   May 24 at 6:05am


Jason Sosnowski    May 23 at 10:11pm

Me and bald Casey got 20 on toboggan.

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Jason Kirkaldy   May 24 at 6:32pm

low blow

Tyler Kind   May 26 at 1:02pm

awe sorry buddy

Jason Kirkaldy   May 26 at 6:19pm

we played tbog and old man baldy kirkaldy took it home son

Roger F. Brundage    May 23 at 5:32pm

Black locust for this old guy.

Jason Kirkaldy   May 23 at 9:26pm


Jason Kirkaldy    May 23 at 2:49pm

Because extra shots ( mulligans) are in play, locust is where we will be playing. We will meet at locust anyway.


Sean Morgan    May 23 at 1:00pm

I vote for locust.

Jason Kirkaldy   May 23 at 2:47pm

noted, I'm leaning towards locust as well because of the mulligans.

Eddie Ruiz Grateful Discer    May 23 at 12:44pm

The Toboggan could be fun but also make for a long day as groups show up to play so keep that in mind its going to be a nice day.

Jason Kirkaldy   May 23 at 12:46pm

mmm kay

Jason Kirkaldy    May 23 at 10:24am

OK so all in favor of switching to toboggan cast your vote now.... I'm for either course, but currently we are scheduled for locust. We have 1 vote for toboggan so far...


Tim Thomas    May 23 at 9:16am

There is a pretty good chance I will not be able to do this. But I will make sure a nice amount of cans make it your way for the can drive!

Jason Kirkaldy   May 23 at 10:22am

OK thanks Tim!

Jason Sosnowski   May 23 at 8:01pm

t bog

Jason Sosnowski    May 22 at 11:38pm

Can we play tobbogan?


Roger F. Brundage    May 21 at 11:01am

J as son. I will play rec.


Sean Morgan    May 21 at 8:14am

Sean Morgan 34558 AM


Justin Leibold    May 16 at 2:34pm

Justin leibold 60975 I'll shoot longs


Patrick Franz    April 28 at 10:45pm

Patrick Franz 51806 am


Barry Hutton    April 25 at 8:25am

man you botched my name( Barry )


Roger F. Brundage    April 23 at 9:36am

Make that Brundage


Roger F. Brundage    April 23 at 9:35am

Roger Bandage AM. 46285

Jason Kirkaldy   April 23 at 9:25pm


Jason Kirkaldy   April 23 at 9:25pm

will make a masters division for you guys if you want Roger

Barry Hutton    April 22 at 8:17am

sounds like im in


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