Patapsco Riot

Saturday, May 8, 2010 at Patapsco Valley State Park in Ellicott City, Maryland
Disc golf doubles tournament


Director Mr Dger

About this tournament

The first round will be the GREEN MONSTER shot in the favorite shot format. This means that both players will shoot every shot from theirs or their teammates lie. Being favorite shot, teammates don't have to shoot from the same lie. The WHOLE first round (full 18 holes) will be favorite shot.

The second round will be from the long tees to the short baskets. Here's where it gets a little tricky as far as the round format goes:

Holes ONE THROUGH NINE (not the first nine holes you play, but literally hole numbers 1-9) will be TOUGH SHOT. For anyone who hasn't played this kind of format before, it works like this. Both players will throw every shot, and after they have thrown (We'll name this team Team A), the other team on the card (Team B) chooses what lie Team A will have to throw from next. While I don't anticipate this happening, if a team is found giving another team the easier lie, they will be penalized a shot per instance.

Holes TEN THROUGH EIGHTEEN will be ALTERNATE SHOT. I got mixed feelings about the alternate shot at the Rockburn Riot, but for the most part, felt like it went well and made it interesting. So, for at least this tournament, we'll do it again and see what people think for the next one. Alternate shot is exactly what it sounds like, team members will alternate taking shots. So once your team starts the alternate shot portion of the course, you will designate someone to make the 1st drive and then continue to alternate shots, carrying it over to the next hole. So, when Player A makes the putt, Player B MUST make the drive on the next hole.

ACE POT - $1
We'll have the same deal as we had at the Rockburn Riot, a guaranteed payout system. If nobody hits an ace during the tournament, afterward, we will have a CTP contest that will payout the entire pot to the winner.