Michigan State Doubles Championship presented by Big Lake Brewing - MPM,MA1,MG1,FA1,Open Mix,AM2 Mix

Saturday, September 6, 2014 at Deerfield Park in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

About this tournament

Michigan State Doubles Championship presented by Big Lake Brewing ...a part of championship month. Do you ... more
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Zachary Vaughn    September 5 at 10:46pm

Yes, you can pay tomorrow morning during registration.


Alisha Grace    September 5 at 9:08pm

we can register tomorrow right?


Grant McMullen    September 5 at 8:47pm

Rick little and myself will be there tomorrow


DJ Metzer    September 5 at 6:33pm

Pre-reg already closed???

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DJ Metzer   September 5 at 6:48pm

ok. if it helps dj metzer and creig malley will be there to play am1

Zachary Vaughn   September 5 at 7:47pm

Sounds good, we'll see you tomorrow!

Craig Clingan   September 5 at 8:11pm

MP Disc!

Erin Oakley    September 5 at 9:10am

Anyone playing Am2 mixed?


Erin Oakley    September 4 at 11:04am

I want to play if TJ and PB are! EO needs a partner! (Well I have to clear it with the family first, but I am sure they won't mind.) Anyone from Lansing going that I can ride with?

TJ Meisterheim   September 4 at 2:40pm


Pat Burke   September 4 at 8:24pm

Woo-woot!!!! Red Line

Erin Oakley   September 4 at 9:42pm

Lame...I heard you were dropping out. Maybe I'll find me a good Am2 partner....

TJ Meisterheim    September 3 at 10:23pm

So....other teams? Are there any? Pat Burke and I are planning on playing but want to know if there are other teams.


TJ Meisterheim    September 3 at 5:13pm

So. How many teams are playing this?


Bryce and Ruby Ploegstra    September 2 at 8:22pm

Is this event a guy and girl be doubles? and can anyone just show up and register?

Zachary Vaughn   September 3 at 8:48am

Saturday features Open mixed teams (Guy/Girl) as well as Am2 mixed teams (among other divisions). Sunday would be the Am1 mixed teams. Yes, you can preregister on this site or you can show up the day of (but pay an extra $5).

Rick Little    September 2 at 6:51pm

Wow nobody signed up? I was looking forward to this

Dj Hunt   September 3 at 4:15am

know the glass bros are playing. I have a team. do you know of any others?

Jamie Mosier   September 3 at 7:37am

I'll likely be playing

Zachary Vaughn   September 3 at 8:49am

I think people are just waiting to pay the day of since it isn't cashless pre-reg.

Dj Hunt    September 2 at 5:18pm

Maybe cashless would help u build this event up? No teams signed up does not make ppl want to come play

K T   September 3 at 7:00am

Agreed, plenty of room

Zachary Vaughn   September 3 at 8:49am

In the past, we've had issues with cashless and didn't want to run into the same.

Paul Tribble    September 2 at 2:01pm

Dumb question time. One or two rounds?

Jake Wood   September 2 at 4:45pm

Smart answer time. Read the about section.

Zachary Vaughn   September 3 at 8:49am


Dj Hunt    September 2 at 7:28am

Where are the teams at? Anyone going to this


Dj Hunt    August 23 at 7:07pm

So what's the format?

Zachary Vaughn   August 23 at 8:44pm

You have to take all of your partners shots...that is the format for your team.

Zachary Vaughn   August 23 at 8:44pm

Check the about section once again....

Ben Jones    August 17 at 4:46pm

Is this a two day tournament?

Zachary Vaughn   August 18 at 10:57am

No, 1 day with certain divisions playing Saturday and other divisions playing Sunday.

Ben Jones   August 26 at 5:05pm


David Loggins    August 7 at 5:38pm

When will the format be determined?

Zachary Vaughn   August 7 at 7:57pm

Next week at the latest.

Adam Hillsamer   August 20 at 11:02pm

Was that a promise?

Nate Upton    August 5 at 11:07am

How much for an Intermediate Mixed team?

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Nate Upton   August 5 at 11:26am

Ok, thanks

Zachary Vaughn   August 6 at 11:24am

Fees have been updated.

Nate Upton   August 6 at 3:40pm

sweet, thank you