Fall Color Classic 2014

PDGA logoSaturday, October 4, 2014 at Hammond Hill in Hastings, Michigan
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

This is the last tournament held by the Grand Rapids Dogs of Disc for the 2014 season. Please join us and and ... more
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Jared Rittersdorf    October 3 at 11:56pm

Please unregister me from am 3 thank you!

Rick Marritt   October 4 at 12:02am

Awe man.... I just printed your registration card too. I am sorry you can't make it. I will remove your name from the registration list and discard your registration card. I hope all is well and hope that you can make it to a future GRDoD event.

Jared Rittersdorf   October 4 at 9:02am

thank you rick! sorry for the inconvenience! I will make more in the future for sure! all GRDoD events I played before have been a blast!!

Rex Loveless III    October 3 at 9:31pm

Rex Loveless III Am 1 Cashless pre reg Thanks


Rick Marritt    October 3 at 4:02pm

All, I want to apologize for not being able to get on and get you entered into the tournament earlier. It has been a rather busy week due to moving and working OT at work daily. I have everyone entered or removed as requested. I hope all is well. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. For those that needed to cancel, I hope to see you at future events. Thank you for notifying me that you would be unable to attend.

Aaron J Dalman   October 3 at 5:23pm

thanks man

Rick Marritt   October 3 at 9:46pm

:-) You are welcome.

Stephanie Gerry    October 3 at 8:12am

Un reg


Stephanie Gerry    October 3 at 8:11am

Please Un regarding cory swift got to work can't make it thank u


Mitch Hubbard    October 2 at 10:56pm

Mitch Hubbard 43890 AM1

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Rick Marritt   October 3 at 3:57pm

I will have it in my vehicle....right where it has been since before the Dunkin' Doubles. Sorry for not getting it out to you. I have been unable to get out of work at an early enough time to get to the Post Office.

Mitch Hubbard   October 3 at 8:41pm

no worries rick i knew id get it eventually

Rick Marritt   October 3 at 9:47pm

Most definitely Money Mitch. I do not ever intend on delays. Unfortunately things happen that cause them. I look forward to seeing you in the morning.

Chase Kerns    October 2 at 1:55pm

Chase Kerns AM3. #67936


James Crawford    October 2 at 1:59am

James Crawford 35837 open thanks! Also, is there any added cash to the pro purse? Just curious, thank you!

Rick Marritt   October 3 at 3:54pm

I do not have any added cash to the pro purse. Sorry.

Aaron J Dalman    September 30 at 9:57pm

Aaron dalman am 3!!


josh christenson    September 30 at 6:28pm

Pre reg me am 3 60576 and ya sat.


Marty Ruthruff    September 30 at 10:13am

Marty Ruthruff am3 #63904 thanx


Blake Ingalls    September 29 at 10:12pm

if i havent played in a few years do i still have to play the division i played last even if im alot worse

Rick Marritt   October 3 at 3:51pm

Nope, you just have to play in whatever division your current rating puts you in.

Blake Ingalls   October 3 at 9:15pm

am1 lol

Brianna Kingsbury    September 29 at 3:16pm

Something came up and I cvsnt play :( please un register me. Have a great tournament!

Brianna Kingsbury   October 3 at 12:07am

I'm still registered on here. Please unregister me.

Rick Marritt   October 3 at 4:03pm

Sorry for not having you removed earlier. I never knew moving would require so much of my time.... of course, this was the first time I moved without help of others. I hope all is well and look forward to seeing you at future GRDoD events.

Aaron J Dalman    September 29 at 3:02pm

Aaron Dalman am 3 I will be accompanying Wayne m and Christopher R. please and thank you


Jena Hawkins    September 29 at 2:50pm

If you are doing cashless jacob currier 67586 junior

Rick Marritt   October 3 at 3:47pm

I am putting him down as a cashless pre-registrant. I will let you know though, I have not received any other Juniors registrants and it does require 3 to make a tier.

Jena Hawkins    September 29 at 2:24pm

Can you cashless pre reg


christopher rogalewski    September 29 at 10:56am

Anyone close to wayland that could give me a ride ? I've got gas and sweet plastic for ya... Thank you

Aaron J Dalman   September 29 at 12:24pm

ill come get ya chris. they just have to register me. and im waitin on a baby sitter answer

christopher rogalewski   September 29 at 2:32pm

Sweet! I'll pm you

josh christenson   September 30 at 6:25pm

if you still need a ride let me know ill scoop ya also.

Aaron J Dalman    September 28 at 8:45pm

Aaron Dalman. Am 3 please and thank you


Aaron J Dalman    September 27 at 9:52pm

Can i pay the day of the tournment or do i have to pay before 1st tournament for me

Rick Marritt   October 3 at 3:26pm

You may definitely pay the day of the tournament. Sorry for the long wait on the response. I have been in the process of moving all this week while maintaining twelve hour work days at work.

Rick Marritt    September 21 at 8:54pm

Just a quick note, I do have a few people that expressed interest in playing the event during a league night for GRDoD. I have to re-locate my sheet that has the names on it. It got misplaced the other day while I was trying to find other information needed for the high/low doubles. There are currently 57 spots open for this tournament.

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Rick Marritt   September 21 at 9:04pm


Brandon Lyons   September 21 at 9:05pm

Oh my bad I miss read ur post

Rick Marritt   September 21 at 9:14pm

The event is still on Saturday, October 4. I had players from a Tuesday night league play say that they want to attend the Fall Color Classic.

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