Terry Shuler  › The Mid Valley Open   September 28, 2012 at 3:28pm

3 Course as of now.

1. If I get enough on course voluteers then I will mix up the park a little bit different. Changing 5 holes and adding some mando's

2. If we get alot of rain, the park is wet and nasty, It's going to rain day of, we will play the standard 12 plus the field holes to make it easy and faster.

3. Now to the course as I see it now.


Course is in reference to the standard 12 hole course.

Hole 1: Hole 1. Mando right of big tree between fairways 1 and 2. Drop zone next to tree. 295 foot par 3.

Hole 2: Hole 2. Mando right of medium tree on left side of fairway. Drop zone next to tree.In or over creek OB. On or over service road OB. 294 feet Par 3.

Hole 3: Hole 3. Island green. Must land inside flag line and creek on drive. Re-tee. Flag line will start about 100 feet out and wrap a circle around the basket about 20 feet deep and as high as tree near path. 218 feet. Par 3.

Hole 4: Teepad 4 to basket 8. In or over creek left OB. Crossing paths and grass/dirt between crossing paths OB. 474 feet Par 3.

Hole 5: Tee off path between teepad 6 and basket 5 to basket 4. Mando left of big tree in front of teepad. Drop zone between two big trees. In or over creek left OB.299 feet Par 3.

Hole 6: Hole 5. Left of road pass flag line at end of grass. OB. Grass over road right up to tee with path and grass over path right OB. Must land between path line and road or on grass up to flag line left of road. 355 feet Par 3.

Hole 7: Hole 6. 340 feet Par 3

Hole 8: Hole 7. 239 feet Par 3.

Cross road into schoolyard. Go right around bleachers and red shed. Next tee is off big pad past shed.

Hole 9: Tee off pad past big red shed in schoolyard past bleachers to portable basket between two big trees in front of sidewalk leading to gym entrance near parking lot. All paved surfaces OB. Track, tennis courts, sidewalk, parking lot, Over fence right OB. Inside fenced ballfield OB. 724 feet Par 4.

Hole 10: Tee off sidewalk near main entrance to gym to portable basket past track in front of backstop to the right near road. Dogleg right. All paved surfaces OB. track, pads,on or over road, ballfield infield area dirt. Concrete at bottom of poles. 546 feet Par 4.

Hole 11: Tee off other end of track near light pole by right field fence to portable basket in corner of field by four way stop. Inside fenced ballfiled OB. Ballfield infield area straight ahead OB. All paved surfaces OB. On or over road OB. 668 feet curving around fence line. Par 4.

Go back to the park next tee is off path between covered area and play area.

Hole 12: Tee off path between covered area and play area to basket 9. Mando right of marked tree at end of woods left. Drop zone next to tree. 517 feet Par 4.

Hole 13: Tee off back tee in path near restrooms to basket 10. On or over path right OB. 235 feet Par 3.

Now go across street to back of Mack Club. Next tee is off blacktop behind building next to road.

Hole 14: Tee off blacktop behind The Mac Club by sidewalk to portable basket in field near gravel road. Mando left of big tree. Drop zone near tree. On or over sidewalk/road/gravel road OB. 410 feet Par 3.

Hole 15. Tee off parking lot behind striped area between Cookie Factory and grass strip near hedges and small trees to portable basket to the left behind tree line straight ahead. Mando right of marked tree at left end of trees. Drop zone next to tree. All paved sufaces are OB. On or over gravel road left OB. 600 foot Par 4.

Hole 16: Tee off road behind second crack in road to portable basket near white storage box near road. Over fence OB. On or over road left and deep OB. 460 feet Par 3.

Now go back across to park and follow path to teepad 11.

Hole 17: Hole 11. 242 feet Par 3.

Hole 18: Hole 12. Must land within path line on drive. Re-tee. 300 feet Par 3.

Course. Front 9: 3228 Par 28 Back 9: 3968 Par 31 18 holes: 7196 Par 59