Friday Night Singles at Dallas City Park   August 21 at 9:39pm

random dubs with crazy o.b.

Random doubles this Friday night. Lots of o.b. too. Below is a list of all the o.b. for tomorrow night. 530 sign ups 6 tee off.

All the o.b.

hole 1- water

hole 2- water, on sidewalk and right

hole 3- on any cement or pavement

hole 4- sidewalk and over and pavement. (Must land in grass.) barkdust is OB!

hole 5- water and cement behind building

hole 6- water and sidewalk and over

hole 7- any road/pavement

hole 8- in middle of creekbed and sidewalk and over. blacktop is safe.

hole 9- in middle of creekbed

hole 10- any road/pavement

hole 11- NONE

hole 12- in creek and fence line and over to the left. also creekline deep right

hole 13- in creek and over and gravel

hole 14- cement walkway and right into 15's fairway

hole 15- cement walkway and right.

hole 16- any road

hole 17- and road and left

hole 18- sidewalk and over and road. must land short of sidewalk in the grass.

Rick Saffeels   August 21 at 9:55pm

Gross. Have fun. :) very creative