William Gilbert  › CLUB NINJA   July 15 at 8:49am

so the shirts i was talking about, done in plymouth they are cheaper still. All shirts are polyester blended.
Price breaks occur at 2-11 or 12+
first shirt is feels like cotton. $45, $35, $30
2nd shirt is performance tee $55, $40, $35
3rd shirt is raglan closet to dry weave $58, $43, $35

depending on interest if we get to 12 shirts we could get the raglan for $35 each plus tax. no shipping as they can be picked up in plymouth. the shirts can be customized for the name.
We are going to have to come up with art to cover an entire shirt though!!?

Jacob Belmas   July 15 at 9:14am

Why do we have to have the entire shirt covered??? It seems like that would make it a pretty loud shirt....

Jonathan Brzys   July 15 at 11:06am

agreed, this is club nnja not club fashionably loud... I say we keep the shirt as simple as possible. Maybe just the or a club ninja logo of some kind, name and PDGA number. Or what ever else we should put on them...

Jonathan Brzys   July 15 at 11:12am

I am picturing something like that

John Reifschneider   July 15 at 12:37pm

Bill really loves these super color shirts they are slick. I spoke with Snap Ink they could do line art on the back ninja logo on the front and name(up to 12 charactors) or PDGA never for $24 a shirt. Not super color but the club artist (my brother) to do a line art a full color art he would be ha ... more

John Reifschneider   July 15 at 12:37pm

PDGA number *not never

michael franklin   July 15 at 9:14pm

i like the idea but let's get some art to look at first i do want one how do the sizes run up to .see you aug 3 sensei

brad chartier   July 15 at 9:27pm

Yes, but what does the SHIRT look like? I mean, just how much art can one put on a halter top after all?

michael franklin   July 15 at 9:34pm

i thought they would be wife beaters.

William Gilbert   July 16 at 7:47am

oldman do you really want a shirt that big?

Jonathan Brzys   July 16 at 7:52am

I like the photo in Casey's link

William Gilbert   July 16 at 7:58am

it might be fitting but it won't fit on oldmans shirt a strip of cloth can fit that.

William Gilbert   July 16 at 7:58am

can't fit that