Bob Cundiff  › 2014 Ohio Senior Olympics - State Games   June 12 at 10:35am

Why do you never show a registration list?

And to my knowledge, DG is not being offered in

Minnesota. True or false?

Bill Griffith   June 14 at 2:53pm

Because very few will preregister because they know it won't fill up and just show up that morning to register. There are 6 GM1, 1 SGM, 1 PM1, and 1 PGM.

Bill Griffith   June 14 at 2:57pm

Also, disc golf is being offered in Minneapolis in 2015 as a demonstration sport again. I would not wait to register for that considering the GM1 and SGM divisions at this years Am Worlds in Minneapolis filled 4 hours after the email invitations were sent out.