Joe Harr  › AJ Open   May 25 at 6:50pm

is something "off " with a course par that it can be shredded so completely ?

just observing that a par 72 at AJ scored an 893 & 926 rating when I usually think it's 940/950 golf & the rock hill gang wld put a usdgc par at closer to 1000... just thinkin out loud as to the nebulous nature of rating relating to par and how a duece or die layout enables the top pros to go so low (props btw) - you just wldnt see those huge red numbers on most newer courses... there's simply some pro par 2s in ludington , so even tho the ratings are accurate the number to par reflects the new school parking every ****ing class the old school can offer ... .02 ;-) .../drinking beers while sittin at local pool w kids cheers & hap mem day wknd to all my dg peeps ...

Cal Benke- Team Tilley's   May 25 at 7:13pm

Tell us more.

Adam Geise   May 31 at 6:00am