Bill "The Ninja" Savage  › Wingfoot Zeppelins present Flight of the Zeppelin's PDGA event   May 24 at 9:47pm

as always, had a great time with great peoples! Got to get out this way one day Jay now that you got that bag tag! Congrats to all!

Jay Kovach   May 25 at 9:56am

You bet my car is almost back together

Jay Kovach   May 25 at 11:37am

I will load the pdga stuff later so all get there disc golf scene trophies and course records way to go #discraftdiscgolf Tyler Horne for #nuke ing the Wingo

Jay Kovach   May 25 at 11:37am

Phone pffft I'm done.

Jay Kovach   May 25 at 11:40am

Chris Warfield huge Ace on hole 15 long tee. Great watching you run across the field to clear out your disc I personally thought Joseph latit

Jay Kovach   May 25 at 11:42am

was going to hit an ace since he asked you to clear it lol anyways I think I got some pictures of the journey across 15

Jay Kovach   May 25 at 11:43am

and i don't care to fix the mistakes on the spelling. Enjoy the weekend get outdoors and just disc golf!