Matt Rinker  › March Mush Day 2 (MPO FPO MPG MA2 MA4 FA1 FA2)   March 13 at 6:56pm

These player will receive and extra disc for being one of the first 45 to register

FPO Jayne Snider 34371

FPO Liz Carr 31068

FPO Ragna Bygde 8559

FPO Samantha Socia 55347

GEN Matt Rinker 26693

MA2 Chris Kerns 56700

MA2 Cody Duggins 54635

MA2 Daniel Deiss 62686

MA2 doug granby 55017

MA2 John "NACHO" Norkowski 36436

MA2 Rob DeHaan 61389

MA4 Glenn Wilson 44092

MA4 Max Saxton 62558

MM1 Doug Prizer 37580

MM1 Jason Phillips 56425

MM1 Terry Grost 54062

MPG Keith Aten 6147

MPO Josh Taylor 34256

MPO Ryan Anderson 47470

Max Saxton   March 13 at 7:03pm

Awesome sauce. Now if we can get a few more AM4s, that would be awesome.