Greg Rouse  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   March 10 at 2:11am

It seems there's a gstar frenzy of sorts going on... You guys should check out the factory seconds at the innova pro shop. They're like 6 bucks cheaper apiece. Also they have some other sick stuff... Gummy champion glow boss, anyone?

Greg Rouse   March 10 at 2:12am

Sorry to steal business from you Tay.

Jeremy Boyd   March 10 at 4:29pm

They need to run me some GStar Firebirds.

Jeremy Boyd   March 10 at 4:30pm

Oh, and some FDs too. Are you listening Innova?

Greg Rouse   March 10 at 11:48pm

I'd love a gstar 'bird. It would definitely do what my flx avenger won't.