Duane Wallace  › Kingfish Disc Golf   March 6 at 4:25pm

If anyone is off or free tomorrow and wants to get some rounds in, hit me up. I will be getting some rounds in and would enjoy the company. Either way, I will see yall all soon at league. Happy discin everyone

Brandon Bourque   March 6 at 5:24pm

Duane-You playing all day?

Brandon Bourque   March 6 at 5:26pm

I can come and meet you once I get off. Like what we did that day in Baker. Also, I have that XL and a couple of different BUZZ and BUZZ SS for you.

Brandon Bourque   March 6 at 5:26pm

Shoot me a text tomorow and let me know where you are .

Duane Wallace   March 6 at 6:17pm

Sure thing. I plan on playing a few rounds so I will be there most of the day

Nick Herndon   March 6 at 6:34pm

We are playing at flanacher at 3pm am tees

Coltin Calloway   March 6 at 8:11pm

I'll be there. Oh and congrats to Nick on your first ace, buddy. Proud of you.

Brandon Bourque   March 6 at 9:32pm

An ole Ace in the hole! Very nice...congrats!