Joe Schacht  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   March 5 at 5:21pm

Just a question! Can some one be voted out or suspended from a club!!!!? How would that work!?

Brian Cassidy   March 5 at 5:37pm

You voting someone off the island Joe?

Joe Schacht   March 5 at 5:38pm

Haha! I would!!!

Jake Haskin   March 5 at 5:50pm

You ARE the weakest link, goodbye...

Luke Monyer   March 5 at 6:37pm

No soup for you

Nick Collaer   March 5 at 8:12pm

Uh oh!

Adam Klein   March 5 at 10:23pm

There is an avenue to vote a member out of the is in the by laws...however, if I recall correctly, it does not state for what reasons a memver can motion to vote for removal.

Greg Rouse   March 5 at 11:02pm

Adam is right. Noticed that section last time I read them. There's a link around here somewhere...

Justin Lawson   March 12 at 9:18pm

just because someone spoke there opion your gonna want to kick them out what ever happened to freedom of speech **** its an opion i posted my opion an not one single person said a ****ing thing if thats the case vote me out too

Jake Haskin   March 12 at 9:22pm

I think joe was speaking hypothetically, you obviously have some convictions if you think he was talkin about someone in particular

Jeremy Boyd   March 13 at 3:24pm

The negativity and personal attacks on this site need to come to an end. If you have any concerns please address them privately with a board member. Thank you.

Greg Rouse   March 13 at 4:48pm


Lou Dogg   March 13 at 5:55pm

Justin, because I like you I'd like to put in my 2 cents. First off, neither of you gave your opinions. Those were comments. Thad's comment was found both offensive and inappropriate. You said nobody said anything after your comment. Well, that's because the fact that nobody found you ... more

josh stewart   March 18 at 11:10pm

^well spoken.

Greg Rouse   March 19 at 3:48am

I can't remember seeing anything in the bylaws about a suspension- it doesn't sound like a horrible idea and would make a very strong statement to the offending party without revocation of membership. Thoughts? I'll bring that to the next meeting if I can make it (if it's not already in the bylaws and just missed by me.)

Adam Klein   March 19 at 4:23pm

Revoe a bit much and I am not fully convinced disciplinary actions should be specified in the by laws. What about a code of conduct of sorts?

Greg Rouse   March 20 at 12:45am

For sure. Fighting, overt, blatant and repeated courtesy violations, just generally making it ****ty for everyone you play with every time, complete disregard of the rules on a regular basis- obviously these aren't worded for bylaws but you see what I mean.